Sunday, April 06, 2014

#6 30DoB - Favorite Sunday Routine

Oh Sunday...lazy Sunday. It's rarely a Sunday Funday for me unless it's the one week I have off in the summer or miraculously we don't have school on Monday. But, my husband and I go through the same routine every single Sunday, and I love it!!

Since he works nights, half the weekends out of the month he's at work until 9 am on Sunday morning. Then he comes home and usually sleeps until about 12:30 or 1:00. The other Sunday's of the month he's just a lazy shit and sleeps til then anyway. I, on the other hand, can not sleep in to save my life. Unless I'm extremely hungover and then, please don't bother me. But, since my beauty rest only requires me to sleep until about 8 on the weekends, I usually get up and leave that snoring bastard angel in bed.

After watching a few episodes of whatever is on The Food Network or The Cooking Channel, I usually then grab the computer, open up Pinterest or Skinny Mom, and get to work on the meal planning for the week.

The rest of the day is usually spent saying to Mike, "yes dear, I promise it's going to taste good" or "why do you tell me to plan our meals every week if you just want to act like an @ss and change them all??" or something along those lines. Then convincing him that "I tried to keep it cheap, don't worry" and "sure, we can go without shredded cheese for the baked ziti, that should work......" just to make sure we stay under budget. Which never happens, mainly because the budget gets smaller every week. (Read the 9th one down)

When all is said and done, we usually have some resemblance to a meal for most of the days of the week, at least. And then it's time for meal prep...

Meal prep is the best thing I have ever started doing. I get most of it done before the week even starts and there is no question in the morning what I'm going to take to lunch. It's been a huge help with my diet, even though I haven't worked out a lot lately, but it keeps me healthy-er. I hated the mornings when I would wake up, be running late, and then find out Mike ate whatever I had planned for lunch some time between the time we went to bed and the time I got up. This prevents that from happening.

The other great part is that it doesn't even take that long to prep. I usually make a few tilapia filets or shrimp and white rice. Then steam some broccoli and I'm golden. Sometimes I make some meat roll-ups (just taking 2 pieces of lunchmeat and 1 piece of cheese and rolling them up) for a change. I put some carrots and cucumbers into individual containers to grab and go. Boil some eggs or make some egg cupcakes for breakfast...that's it. It might take all of an hour, if that.

The rest of the night is for trashy reality tv and relaxation. Unless Mike is off work. Then we usually drink some Arnold Palmer-anians and watch all of our shows in the theater. 

Lazy Sunday....

Now it's your turn.
What's your favorite Sunday routine?

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  1. Sundays are my catch-up day. I'm up at 7am (willingly, I know) because it's probably the one night out of the week I am finally tired enough to just sleep for 8 straight hours, regardless of distractions. I blog/blog design/do Etsy prints for 2-3 hours, then workout, shower, and the rest of the day is free. If we need to go grocery shopping, I do it around 8am, and if friends come over for Sunday Funday, that usually happens around 3pm. I guess it's rather busy, huh?!

  2. I wish I could get into meal planning. I hear it is beneficial and helpful. Your Sundays sound like they are beneficial to have for the rest if the week to go smoothly.

  3. Every Sunday I blog for the week and food prep for the week!

  4. woooh! i want your routine! i wish i was dedicated enough to meal plan as much as i'd like to. i just have my go-to list of recipes in my phone and base meals off those!