Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Recipe: Creamy Baked Mac and Cheese

So, I think I mentioned last week that I prepared everything for Easter lunch at Moms. She was pretty busy that morning so I offered because it would give us a little more time with Mike's family. I feel like we always throw them on the back burner a little and spend a little more time with my family on holidays, so this time I wanted to make it a little more fair.

I told Mom I would make baked macaroni and cheese, but truthfully, I don't really make macaroni. haha. We have ben staying away because it's not exactly healthy, plus if we do make some mac and cheese it's usually Velveeta or something boxed. Our favorite is actually Stouffers.....yum!!

But, I went on the search for something creamy and found this recipe. It was delicious. I would make some changes for the next time, but I'll highlight them at the end.

Creamy Baked Mac and Cheese
(serves 8)
Ummm, we ate it pretty quickly, so I forgot to get the after baked pic. haha.

1 16 oz. package of macaroni
8 tbsp butter
8 tbsp flour
2 cups milk
2 cups heavy cream
salt to taste
ground pepper to taste
4 cups shredded cheddar cheese (suggestion below recipe)
1 cup breadcrumbs (or you could use crumbled crunchy onions)

Preheat oven to 400ยบ. Spray baking dish with non-stick spray.

Cook and drain macaroni according to package directions.

Melt butter in a large saucepan. Add salt and pepper to flour and add mixture gradually while whisking. Whisk until well blended. Slowly pour in milk and cream and continue to whisk. Stir constantly. Bring to a boil and continue stirring constantly for 2 minutes. Reduce heat and cook for 10 minutes continuing to stir constantly. Add cheese little by little and let simmer for 5 minutes. Remove from heat. Add macaroni to saucepan and coat with cheese mixture. 

Add macaroni and cheese mixture to sprayed baking dish. Sprinkle the top with breadcrumbs or onions. Bake for 20 minutes or until heated through and top is golden brown.


Suggestions: I definitely think this would be better if you added a variety of cheeses rather than just cheddar. I honestly wish they made shredded American cheese. I know, I know.....but I think that mixed a little cheddar and some pepper jack would be divine!! I guess you could just throw some chunks in there and let it melt??

FYI: When you add the macaroni it's going to look like a TON of cheese sauce. That's ok!! When you heat it some of the macaroni will soak that up.

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  1. Oh my! I can't wait to try this! It sounds so good....it has my mouth watering!

  2. If you have a food processor, buy deli american and shred it in there. That's what I do!

    Looks good!

  3. Looks awesome! Love creamy pasta dishes.

  4. This seriously looks incredible - I make homemade mac & cheese pretty often but never keep it on the stove for 15 minutes! I'll cook it for the BF and make myself a salad or something haha

  5. Home made mac and cheese is the best ever. Esp when it's done in the crock pot. I've never had it in the over but i'm sure it's good too. This recipe sounds good. the pic looks good too. I love cheese esp mac and cheese when it's home made. hope you have a great week.


  6. I don't make Mac and cheese because all the arbs but it is so darn good too.

  7. Holy cow does that look good! My mouth is watering! YUM!

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  9. YUM!!!! Looooove mac n' cheese and this looks amazing!