Friday, May 31, 2013

Happies and Crappies

This weekend is going to be SO busy!! Probably not going to be around to blog much. Maybe Sunday.

Don't forget the giveaway ends tomorrow!! Enter now!!

It's Friday so here are my
Scissors and a Whisk: Happies and Crappies Link Up

1. I have a wedding to go to this afternoon. I love weddings!! And my niece and nephew are in it so that will be even cooler!!
2. My first giveaway is ending tomorrow. Very excited that I got the opportunity to work with Lauren at Elle Sea Creations. If you haven't entered do it now!! This is what we're giving away!!

3. I got nominated for 2 awards!!! The Liebster Award AND the Ivrester Award. Both very distinguished awards and I was honored to be a part of it. :)
4. I am loving the new car. It's always a good feeling when you drive by a dude and he's checking out your car. LOVE IT!!
5. I'm heading to a bachelorette party tomorrow!! Ocean City, MD will be infiltrated with some sloptart beezneetches!! Hail Yeahhhh!!
6. ONE MORE WEEK OF SCHOOL!!! Well, and a day and a half, but...

1. The wedding is an hour away from where I work and I'm pretty sure I won't get there in time. lol. Cheers to the nuptials and an open bar.
2. The air conditioning in my classroom is horrible. And with 26 computers blaring heat at me, I could die!!!
3. The hour drive to and from work has been awful. So many grannies out there lately!! My new car's a turbo!! DRIVE PEOPLE!!!
4. I've been super down on my weight loss issue. Seems like I'm not really losing anything. Tried on clothes from 2 years ago and I still can't fit in them. I had no idea I gained as much weight as I did. Let's hope I can get out of my slump.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ermahgerd!!! The Ivrester Award!!

OK so today Sarah over at Venus Trapped in Mars linked up for Thirsty Thursday. When I checked out her page I saw she had started a new award for bloggers. There was just a little bitterness about not winning the Liebster Award, but I told her it's because she was just too popular!! This new award was called the Ivrester Award and it goes to the best drinkers in blogland!! How freakin amazing, right?!? I mean...who's that genius?!? I know who....Sarah!!

I scrolled through to read her Q&A and see who she choose as nominees and was saddened to not see my name. (See the tear, Sarah?) So...I proceeded to inform her that I was nominating myself!! lol. Out of horrible pity she then emailed me to give me my official nomination. Just go with it. But...she didn't really need to because...

Venus Trapped in Mars

I can't even tell you how amazing I feel right now. First off, I'd like to thank my liver for dealing with me all these years. You've been there for me when I needed it the most. I really appreciate it. 
Then, of course, the big man, Dad. He's the one who really gave me the ability to drink like a whale fish. It comes with some Crooks gene. Thanks for knocking Mom up and passing it on. Awkward
Next I want to thank my husband. That's right, Even though you don't read this. You are the reason I am who I am alcoholic. If it weren't for your nagging, annoying habits I wouldn't be receiving this award. You're the breast. 
And lastly, I can't forget to mention my number one We've been together now for many years...we've had our ups and downs. But through thick or thin you have always been behind me. Er, really in front of me in a glass mixed with Monster. You've caused me long nights and even longer mornings. But through it all I've never lost my love for you. You are my soulmate. My best friend. Here's to many more years together. I love you.

And now on to the good stuff!!

The Rules:
Acknowledge who nominated you (Thanks Beth!! You're awesome!!)
Answer the 10 questions listed below 
Nominate 10 bloggers you think are excellent drinkers. You can't nominate the blog that nominated you 
Don't make any more questions, everyone just answer these questions below.
If you are nominated, just answer the questions and nominate 10 more people. That is it.

1. What is your favorite drinking game and why? Gotta go with good old beer pong. I'm pretty good at it. Unless I'm sober.

2. It is your birthday, what is your idea of the perfect evening? Beth hit the nail on the head. I'd love to spend the day day-drinking maybe out on a boat or at a cookout. The beach even?? Then head to a cute restaurant on the water for some food or get some crabs and start picking!! Then, a relaxing evening sipping cocktails at the dock bar or someone's patio. I came really close to having my perfect birthday 2 years ago. We did all of the above EXCEPT Mike threw me off the jet ski racing my friends Donzi yeah, speeeeed boat on the way back to the marina. Definitely thought I was paralyzed for a sec but turned out I was alive. We still went to the restaurant and drank at the bar, but I was in a lot of pain. Vodka was there for me, however. As usual.

Pretty sure these were from that birthday. Can you tell everyone's drunken stupor??

3. Money is no object, what is your go to drink of choice at a bar? I'd probably just order a ton of top shelf vodka Red Bulls. I'm pretty easy to please. Maybe a couple shots of Patron. 

4. How many times have you played the game "Edward 40 Hands"? OH MY GOD!! NEVER!! I can't really believe it myself, but I feel like it wasn't really a big thing until I was already out of college. Or maybe it was because I went to college in da-na-neer-neer country and all they had was moonshine. It's now on my bucket list.

5. Take this alcohol screening quiz here, what score did you receive? Whew!! I scored a 45%. Well  at least I found out I'm not an alcoholic!! Whoop Whoop!! Cheers to that shit!!

6. What is your favorite memory with Alcohol? Every time Mike and I cruise to Cozumel we do the same thing. Cozumel Bar Hop. It is the best bar hop I have ever been on. Not necessarily because you're crushed at the end of it although, you're crushed at the end of it, but because it goes to the remote part of Cozumel. It's so beautiful and not touristy at all. We're heading there again in August and Mike and I will be hopping for the 4th time!! Drunks for your viewing pleasure...
Hop #1
Hop #2
Hop #3
7. What is your favorite song about drinking? Or song to drink to? I wouldn't say I "drink to" this song, but whenever Thrift Shop comes on Mike and I pretty much stop whatever we're doing and start the gangsta head nod.
head nod gif photo: head nod lyke woah 5b388ca1.gif

8. What is your favorite activity to do while drinking (i.e. boating, bowling, golf, trivia, etc.)? Watch football. Whether it be live or on tv, hands down, I love watching football and getting drunk!! Especially if we lose because then we're already well on our way to misery. Not football season?? Definitely boating. But it's so unattractive when I get the alcohol bloat in my bikini...

9. In your opinion, which is the number one party school in the country and why? West Virginia Wesleyan. Population: 1500. haha. Truthfully, I'm not sure. I would say WVU just because we would go there every once in a while and they were shenanigans!! But I've been out of college for a while now, so...I may be behind the times.

10. When do you know you have had too much to drink? What are your signals? Hmmm...ok, real deal...I get hostile. But only toward Mike. Like I legit hate him. Then, I cry because I was mean to him. If he's not around, the tell tale sign is the room spin. I really don't have many signals that other people can see. I talk a lot but I do that sober. Most people can't tell when I'm really drunk.

And the nominees are...
1. Shannon at Gin and Bare It
4. Chelsee at Southern Beauty Guide
5. Alyssa at Alyssa Said Hi
6. Stephanie at Bourbon and Glitter
7. Sam at Reddy or Knot
8. Nadine at Back East Blonde
9. Robin at Rocking Robin Runs
10. Alicia at Brew Mama

Your turn drunkies!! Do it!!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Thirsty Thursday #4...with my HUSBAND guest posting!!

Once again, don't forget to enter the GIVEAWAY!! It's my first one!! Make it good!!

It's hard to believe were in WEEK 4 already!!! Where's your dranks?!?

Hopelessly Ever After

I'm so excited to announce my cohost this week!! 

This is Chelsee from Southern Beauty Guide!! You may notice that every week I link up Thirsty Thursday with her and Stephanie for their "The Party Don't Start Till I Walk In" linkup. I love it!! If you have not linked up with them for that you need to. NOW!! TODAY!! GO!! You get so many great ideas from people about drinks, games, appetizers...all things party related. I'm honored that she would take the time to cohost with me this week!!

I know I have done mixed drinks the last 3 weeks so I figured I would change it up a bit and talk about our other love. BEEEEERRR!!!

homer gif photo: Homer monday_gif_selection_26.gif
I also have a very special treat for you!!! My husband...the one and only Goober A.K.A. Mike...will be doing the post today about one of our favorite local beers. 
Take it away baby...
16 Mile - Blues Golden
16 Mile Brewery is located in Georgetown, Delaware which could be considered local to us. It's within passing distance on your way to all the DE and MD beaches. 

16 Mile got it's name from the early 1700's in Sussex County where Georgetown was considered 16 miles from anything.

Blues Golden was named after a band of soldiers during the Revolutionary War who fought in many historic battles. At 5.9% alcohol it wouldn't be considered a strong beer, but a step up from any 4.5% ranged beer like Bud, Miller, etc.

Naturally, it's got a golden color. When you pour it has a creamy, heavy, white head twss and a fairly sweet smell. It's far from a heavy beer, but not something you would want to drink all night. Our favorite time to drink this is before dinner, but it goes good with salty foods, too.

Blues Golden almost has a sweet carmel taste, with hints of malty notes. It's very well balanced and a super clean finish that leaves no after taste in your mouth. This very well might be the next keg we order.

Drink Responsibly!!

Yes, I'm in my workout gear drinking beer. Don't judge me.

...well there it is folks, my husband. I'm pretty impressed. I thought for sure he would say no when I asked him. :)
Now it's your turn!! Go ahead and post about a beer, wine, or cocktail!! Then, come on back and link her up!!!
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1. Follow Hopelessly Ever After and Southern Beauty Guide via GFC or Bloglovin'.
2. Grab a button from below or my sidebar and put it in your post.
3. Write about your favorite alcoholic beverage.
4. Come back here and link up!!!
5. Get some new recipes or drink ideas for the weekend and make a new friend!!

Anyone interested in co-hosting next week email me at:

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Hopelessly Ever After
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And as always...especially today...linking up with Chelsee and Stephanie for....


Tomorrow's Linkup and Giveaway!!

Don't forget about Thirsty Thursday, tomorrow!! I'm going to have someone very special guest post and I'm super excited!! All you have to do is write about an alcoholic beverage and link up with us. So easy!!

And don't forget about the GIVEAWAY!!! ENTER!! RIGHT MEOW!!
You can win a pair of these super cute earrings from Elle Sea Creations!!

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A Liebster Award!!! Me???

First off, don't forget to enter the GIVEAWAY!!

Last week a fellow blogger nominated me for the Liebster Award. I had seen a few blog posts about it but never really knew what it was. Nor, of course, thought I would be on anyone's mind about a blogging award. But apparently I was!!!

Cortney from The Little Things...(and Vodka) contacted me last week to let me know she had nominated me. I just found Cortney not too long ago but her blog name definitely caught my attention. The Liebster Award is a a recognition of small blogs. It's a blogger to blogger award and there are a lot of rules involved. I'm going to copy right from Cortney's page to make sure I get it right. lol.

Here's how the Liebster Award works:

Acknowledge the blog that nominated you (Thanks, Cortney!!)
Tell 11 facts about yourself
Answer the 11 questions the nominating blogger created
List 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers that you believe deserve some recognition
Post 11 questions for them to answer
Notify them that they've been nominated
You can't nominate the blog that nominated you

So...without further ado...

11 Facts about Little Ole Me!!
1. My husband chased me for a year before I would finally give him a chance. All it took was a date with another chick. :)

2. I live in the house that I was raised in. When I was 10 we moved out and my parents rented it out. I have always wanted to move back and raise my own children here.

3. I'm a shower singer and a mirror model. One day I will be famous. :)

4. I'm horribly afraid of spiders.'s a problem. One time I wouldn't leave my basement because there was a spider by the stairs. I stayed there for over an hour until someone came home and killed it.

5. I was a dancer for 15 years. No not exotic. Yet...but times sure are getting tough!!

6. Sometimes I worry that I might be turning into an alcoholic. But then I have another drink and laugh at how stupid that sounds.

7. I love teaching, but I think a lot about changing professions. Not sure what I could do, however. I have ADHD and could never work in a cubicle and expect not to just blog all day.

8. I have Final Destination brain. I will die of something out of this world unbelievable. Like I'll fly off a roller coaster, or get sucked out of an airplane toilet. I constantly have horrible images of things that may will happen to me going through my brain.

9. I know more about sports (football and baseball) than most guys. Mike told me to say this. lol.

10. My husband pretty much does all the girly things in the relationship; cooks, cleans, does laundry. I help when I can but he works nights so he does it while I'm gone during the day.

11. I get along with my in-laws almost better than my own mother. lol. Mom's very old fashioned and I've always been a little "unique". She freaked when my brother got his tongue pierced. Imagine what she thought when I gauged my ears, died my hair dark, pierced my nose, and got my first tattoo?? The in-laws are a little more "accepting". Plus they get drunk and have a good time. Mom's a "one and doner".

11 Questions from Cortney
1. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Truth. I don't really eat ice cream. Maybe if we have cake for a birthday or Mike's mom buys it to go with a dessert she made, but I could really go without. If I had to choose, however, it would be the vanilla chocolate soft serve twist in a sugar cone. :)

2. Channing Tatum or Bradley Cooper? Hmmm. I'd screw Channing Tatum in a heartbeat. Like, nasty, hot, sweaty, porn star sex. I mean, have you seen the "Pony" solo in Magic Mike?? Go ahead...take your computer somewhere you can be alone and have a moment. We've all done it...

...You're welcome.
However.....If we were playing "Sex, Marry, Throw off a cliff" I'd marry Bradley Cooper. He's hot, funny, seems pretty sweet and...he speaks french...I know...

3. Your all time FAVORITE quote? "Hey hoe, how you doin'? Where you been? Prolly doin' hoe stuff 'cause there you hoe again."

4. If we were stranded on an island, what are three things that we'd most definitely need? We'd only need 2 things, a chaser and some vodka. 

5. What's one tip you could give about blogging? Take the time to "network". I love finding new blogs to check out, but you can't do that without looking around. Don't expect for people to just fall into your blog without working for it. Find blogs you like and leave them sincere personal messages that have meaning. Actually read what they have to say rather than just telling them to follow you back.

6. What's on your summer bucket list? I would really like to lose a few more inches. I won't say pounds because I really don't care what the scale says. I have gotten a lot of compliments in the last few days so I hope it gives me the motivation to keep going. 

7. Do you have any funny/strange/gross/amazing hidden talents? Ask Mike *wink* haha. Umm, my thumbs are double-jointed so I can bend it back all the way to touch my wrist. I'm also an amazing armpit farter!!

8. What's your biggest fear? Another Prohibition.

9. Besides mine (wink), who's blog do you read the moment you wake up? haha. Besides you...I usually just go down the list in my Bloglovin' feed.

10. What's your biggest pet peeve? When people don't text me back. Grrrr.

11. I'm throwing a party. What are you bringing? Myself!! I AM the party!!! Haha. This is easy. Vodka and buffalo chicken dip. Yummmm!!

I nominate......
This is so hard. Most of the blogs I follow are smaller blogs. Please don't hate me if I don't include you!!
1. Stevie at Colorful Commotion
2. Jill at Just Jill, Life at Sea
3. Michelle at Binge There, Done That
4. Tami at Friday Morning Buzz
5. Tia at Gilded TBags
6. Emily at Martinis and Bikinis
7. Britney at Lady Luck
8. Candice at Just Stay Lovely
9. Patricia at Kisses and Croissants
10. Mer in America
11. Wine and Summer

Alright are your questions!!
1. What tv shows are you watching now?
2. All you have is vodka. What are you mixing it with?
3. Tell me about your dream vacation. Who's going?
4. Read the book first? Or watch the movie first?
5. What is your biggest accomplishment thus far in life?
6. What CD would I most likely find in your player in high school?
7. Never have you ever......
8. What was your most embarrassing moment?
9. If you could choose any super power what would it be?
10. You only get one more meal...what is it?
11. Beer or wine?

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

MY FIRST GIVEAWAY...with Elle Sea Creations!!

Whoop Whoop!! It's time for my very first giveaway!!!

A few months ago a friend of mine from high school started her own Etsy shop called Elle Sea Creations. Her shop is very eclectic and she has a little bit of everything to offer. Her jewelry is gorgeous and she makes it all herself. 

Here is her blurb from the Elle Sea Creations Blog...

"I started this journey last year when I found myself unemployed and looking to build my financial independence. Now I’m venturing into blogging, Etsy, photography, and anything that will tickle my creative fancy. You can also find me running or diving into recipes, DIY projects, or in the great outdoors."

A couple of weeks back I purchased my first Elle Sea creation!! Lauren posted these gorgeous earrings on her facebook page and I knew they would need to be mine. :)

I love anything skull related and these were no exception. The bright vibrant yellow caught my eye right away and I immediately went to her store and purchased them. You want the total...with shipping??? $7.90 Nope, not kidding you right now. I swear!! And sooo totally worth it!! 

Here are some of her other awesome items!!


I thought to myself....maybe some of my faithful followers would like to have themselves one of these here "creations"?!?! 

How about these adorable Love Bird earrings????

All you have to do is enter below!! I'll be announcing the winner on Monday!! 

If you can't wait that long, Lauren is giving 5% off your order with the coupon code HOPELESSLYEVERAFTER!! 

Good Luck!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And don't forget to vote for me here!!!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Stay tuned for tomorrow!! and shenanigans!!

Tomorrow I'm doing something super exciting!! My first giveaway!! I'll be posting at midnight Eastern Time so come check it out!!

This weekend is always an eventful weekend for us. It's the first big boating weekend, and also a big weekend for our town.

Friday was very exciting. I mentioned in Happies and Crappies that I had brought a new car home for a sleepover. That car is now mine. :) She's a 2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo. She's very cute and sporty. Now to find all the accessories in order to pimp her out. haha.

Saturday Goobs and I woke up early to hit the gym before Tea Party. Tea Party is a festival in our town that has amazing food and some pretty cool vendors. They usually do a parade and reinactment of throwing the tea. Sounds kinda lame but it's actually a lot of fun. After the gym we walked down to hang out with the kids for the parade. After that we grabbed a few beers and walked around to check out the vendors. One of the town whores caught Mike for a kiss. That bitch!!

Then, Mike and I went home for a nap. Naps are my favorite!! We had planned on meeting up with the family and friends for dinner and totally got the times mixed up so showed up 40 minutes late. lol. Whoops!!

The kids were there and a band was playing so it was only a matter of time before this happened.

Even Uncle Mike got in on it!!

Then, unfortunately, rather than just staying in and calling it a night, we came home to pregame and then headed out to the bar. Let's just say I had a LOOONG night. And morning...

Somehow my friends convinced me to go out on the boat. So...on came that hair of the dog recovery method. It never fails me. :) Unfortunately, I have no pictures of the shenanigans on Sunday. There was sun and booze. Water. A boat. You know....

Nothing eventful on Monday, either. Mike's allergies were acting up pretty bad so we laid low.

That's it!! My Weekend Shenanigans!!
Sami's Shenanigans
They aren't live until tomorrow, but I wanted to get in early since we have the GIVEAWAY!!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Vote for me!!...Please??

Welcome to Round 3 of the Blog Button Design Battle with Peacoats & Plaid. Want to know who won Round 2? Drum roll please...

Congrats to Kalyn from Love, Laughter, Happily Ever After! Kalyn's winning button design:

The runner-up spot goes to Amberly from Life with Amberly & Joe.

This week's participants include:

Samantha from Designer in Teal
Jess from Plucky's Second Thought
Petro from The Seaman Mom
Diana from DD Kimball Road
Danysia from That L.A. it Girl
Bethany from Before, During, and After
JMc from Running on Empty
Ashley from Him & Her
Danavee from This Vintage Grove
Kristin from Hopelessly Ever After

Vote for your favorite and most eye-catching button by clicking on the thumbnail below. Make sure you're voting solely on eye appeal. You can only vote once, so make it count.

Check back next week for Round 4. If you're interested in participating in Season 2 of the Blog Button Design Battle, make sure you subscribe to Peacoats & Plaid for updates.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Happies and Crappies!!

It's Friday!!! Time for Happies and Crappies!!

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up

1. IT'S FRIDAY!!! That should always be my first happy. I love Friday's. Not because we do anything in particular, but because it means we have 2 WHOLE DAYS OFF!! lol. This weekend we have 3 days off!! Thank you to everyone who serves our beautiful country!!

2. Last night I took home a new car. :) It's not mine yet but they let us have a one night sleepover. If they can give us the right number... it will me mine. Oh yes, it will be mine. (Wayne's World reference, anyone....anyone?) I'm thinking of naming her Rita. I need something sassy and fiesty. Any suggestions?? Winner gets....*drumroll*.....A VIRTUAL HIGH FIVE!!

3. I have something really exciting happening on the blog next week. I'm not going into details, yet...but stay tuned. It may just have something to do with jewelry. :)

4. I blogged every day this week!!! But I'll, most likely, be taking the weekend off. I'm assuming I'll be recovering and using the "hair of the dog" approach. Which means recovering again. :)

1. I only made it to the gym once this week. And...I only ran outside on Sunday. Ugh. We had dinner at Mike's parents Monday, then Book Club on Wednesday, went to get the car yesterday, and buying the car (hopefully) today. This weekend isn't looking good either.

2. This is what I found in my class bathroom this morning. 
How disgusting is that?? We have one custodian here who is the laziest piece of shit on the planet. He literally took my trashcan and dumped it in the toilet rather than in his own large trashcan. The worst part is I can't even complain to my principal because that thing in the middle is a tampon wrapper and that's just embarrassing. So...........I flushed it. Maybe it will back up the whole system. :)

3. It's rainy. And cold. And Memorial Day weekend. It better be pretty tomorrow, damnit!!

4. I have so much anxiety about this car!! And it's so stupid!! It doesn't have a sunroof. I've never had a car without a sunroof. The dealership does an aftermarket one, so we might do that, but I still won't be able to have that light shine down on me. Unfortunately, the one that comes with the sunroof is $2,500 more.


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thirsty Thursday Linkup Party #3!!

It's time for THIRSTY THURSDAY!!!!

Hopelessly Ever After

Britney is my cohost this week. You can find her at Lady Luck!! She and her boy toy Tevis are way too cute. She's training for her first 5k in September and is going through a weight loss journey of her own!! You go girl!! Go ahead and stop by and show her some love!!

I was a little torn this week. I wanted to post about a few of the beers we drink but this time of year there are soooo many. Our friend owns a convenience/liquor store and gets us whatever we want, so I know he's got a few good ones coming in. Maybe next week I'll compile a list with pictures and descriptions. It's going to be a VERY long list. <3Beeeeer<3

This week I decided to post about my newest concoction. I got this idea from one of the linkups last week. Mama Tay LeMay mentioned the LaCroix sparkling water. Weird thing is my coworker had brought one in on the exact same day and was talking about all the flavors. We had already concocted this drank idea before even reading Mama's post.

So here it is....

Peach Pear Mango Jango 
or something, idk.

Sorry about the dirty table. haha.

All you need is....
1 part vodka
2 parts Peach Pear LaCroix Sparkling Water
2 parts Peach Mango V8 Splash or V8 Fusion (I used Splash)

This drink is so light. I LOVE it for the summer. It might be my new boat drink this year!! The Fusion would add some more flavor, but it might make it a little thicker.

Please let me know any more ideas for the sparkling water. I feel like I'm drinking healthy when I use it. Err...well..."healthy".

 photo Rulesheader_zps312869c4.jpg

1. Follow Hopelessly Ever After and Lady Luck via GFC or Bloglovin'.
2. Grab a button from below or my sidebar and put it in your post.
3. Write about your favorite alcoholic beverage.
4. Come back here and link up!!!
5. Get some new recipes or drink ideas for the weekend and make a new friend!!

Anyone interested in co-hosting next week (it's free!!) email me at:

 photo linkupheader_zps0ffa7656.jpg

Hopelessly Ever After
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And, as always, linking up with...


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Random Wednesday

I'm not really focused today. I feel like I have a few things to talk about but nothing really that important. Well, nothing I say is very important know...

I did a small linkup called Pray OK yesterday for the victims of Oklahoma. I'm so interested to hear people's personal stories and words of encouragement for these families. My heart breaks every time I hear another account or see an interview on tv. I can't imagine the devastation they are going through. I'm keeping the linkup open for anyone else who wants to share. There, of course, are no rules. I just believe there is strength in numbers and the more I can read, the more I am able to pray for.

Hopelessly Ever After

On a lighter note...tomorrow is THURSDAY!! That means Thirsty Thursday Linkup Party #3!!! My cohost this week is Britney from Lady Luck. Head on over and check her out so you can get to know her before tomorrow.
As always, remember your drink can be something simple!! It can even be a beer or wine that you like. Last week a lot of people made lists of their favorite things. Perfectly fine!! Whatever you want!! It's a party!!
Hopelessly Ever After

I'm also working on something very exciting!!! I can't say too much yet, but it is going to be a first for me!! Something I have not done yet on my blog and am looking forward to!! If you follow Hopelessly Ever After on Facebook you may just know what's coming up. ;)


OK...on to Workout Wednesday!! This morning Holly posted about the 300/30 Ab Challenge. It's from The Petite Athleat. It's actually a workout that Taylor, my workout partner, and I already do. We kind of chickened out a little of the way through, but now that I can use Holly's blog to keep my accountable, I think it would be awesome to try it out again. Come on core!!

Last week's Workout Wednesday I posted about my awesome accomplishment. I am proud to say that I ran even farther on Sunday!! 1.17 miles in 12.23. I'm getting better and I have to say I'm really proud of myself!!

Also linking up with 

Life Revolves Around Them

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Strength in Numbers...a Pray OK linkup

I have no connection to anyone who lives in Oklahoma.

 I've maybe been there once, but only driving through. 

I'm not sure I could name 5 cities in Oklahoma,

But one city I will remember, for their bravery, courage, strength, and despair...

...Moore, Oklahoma.

I heard a broadcast this morning with snippets from interviews of victims. I was on my way to work listening to the fear in these poor people's voices. One story, for whatever reason, really pulled at my heartstrings. It was an elderly woman talking about how she hid in her bathroom with her dog. During the storm her dog ran out. She was explaining how she called for her dog but he didn't come. During the broadcast you heard a little commotion in the background and the newscaster say, "The dog!! The dog!!" and out of the rubble comes the little dog.

I don't know why this is the story that got me. There are tons out there. I guess maybe because we don't think about the little things in life that people lose. 

I've always believed there are strength in numbers. This could have happened to any one of us. 

Join with me in linking up our stories, prayers, and encouragement to those affected by this devastation.

There are no rules. You do not have to follow me or anyone else. Just Pray OK.

Hopelessly Ever After
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Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans!!!

This was a long weekend for me since I took off on Friday. Mike and I were supposed to go to Ocean City for Car Show. Unfortunately, we couldn't go. Last month we decided to book a cruise for August and that would wipe out Mike's vacation time and the extra spending money in our bank account so....we stayed home.

What sucks about that even more was that Mike worked Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night. That meant a whole lot of sitting around for this chick. Boo!!!

I did make the best out of Friday, though. I went SHOPPING!! As I mentioned in last week's Happies and Crappies I came home with 2 new pairs of shoes. And then.....bought another pair yesterday. Haha. The two pairs I got Friday I just couldn't pass up. They were both so cute and I have gift cards for both stores!! So they were pretty much free. Then, the black wedges I bought yesterday from DSW I also had a gift card for so they only cost me 5 bucks!!! Savvy shopper??

Saturday was really uneventful. Mike worked the night before so he slept until about 1:30. I either laid in bed with him or sat on the couch. BORING!! I hate weekends that he works. I tried to lay out and get some sun on this pasty white skin of mine, but...of course it started raining.

I look like this chick....

Then, we went to the gym and Mike took me on a new running path. We ran through a small path in the woods with roots and mounds of dirt which took you to a paved path halfway around a ball field, and finally packed mulch for the rest of the circle til you got pack to the dirt path through the woods. Whew!! And by the time I got back to those woods, I couldn't pick my feet up high enough to get over the roots. I didn't bust it, thank God. But, when I got back to the start and asked Mike how long it was he told me about .75 miles. NOT WORTH IT!! I'll stick to my smooth pavement from now on. 

We put the air conditioners in on Saturday. My totally awesome husband let me pick out the duct tape to go around it. So...I picked out this!! Funny thing is Mike actually was the one to point it out. I think I might be rubbing off on him. :)

Sunday was the most perfect day EVER!! Mike and I had a Date Day. With him working every other weekend we have to do that a lot. 

We started off with sushi from my favorite place on Kent Island, Cafe Sado. They always have their rolls buy one get one free and they are sooooo good.

Then, we drove to Waugh Chapel, which recently is our favorite place to watch movies. It's over an hour away, but it's worth it. The Towne Center is amazing. We got there a little early so we stopped at the liquor store and picked up a little something to pass our time. 

Yes, I'm in my car. Don't judge me...we're parked. This beer is really good!! More malty with a crisp finish. Anywhooooo...then we went and saw Star Trek in IMAX 3D. Mike and I are firm believers that if you're going to watch a movie like that in 3D, pay the extra $5 for IMAX. AMAZEBALLS!!! 

The day ended perfectly with a stop at Qdoba!! I had a Qdoba when I lived in Va Beach but there isn't one around us. This one just opened in the Towne Center. At the beginning of the movie there was an advertisement saying if you bring your movie ticket you get free nachos and cheese with the purchase of an entree. Mike and I shared a buritto with the nachos and it was wonderful!! Ugh, I miss Qdoba.

Oops, almost forgot...Sunday morning I woke up and went for a run!! Made it even farther this time and it was really windy and hilly!! 1.17 miles in 12:23!!

Whew, that was a long one. twss. Head on over and link up on Sami's blog with your own Shenanigan's!!

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