Wednesday, April 30, 2014

#30 30DoB - April Goal Review and a GIVEAWAY

It's day 30!!! I did great at the beginning, but clearly, not towards the end. Oh well. But I did take note of all the prompts so maybe I'll get to them all eventually.

If you remember correctly, at the beginning of the month I posted about my goals for April. Here's a quick recap...

1. Stop being so lazy....get in the gym.
2. Be a better blogger.
3. Do some DIY.
4. Make curtains for the downstairs bathroom.

And....just as I suspected...I didn't do much to accomplish them. haha. Hey, it happens.

I think I did a little better with #2. I posted more this month then I feel like I have in the past few. I've been trying to do some things on Sunday and scheduling them for the week. Sad thing is Mike and I haven't done meal prep in a few Sundays, so I guess maybe I swapped them out. haha.

Oh least I didn't dissappoint. I kinda figured I wouldn't do much. I'm going to get to it though. Promise!!

Now on to the giveaway!! The hosts of this 30 Days of Blogging have graciously offered you some CASH!! Mulah baby!! Go enter below, and then link up your last 30DoB post!! 

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This last week of the month we're going to "mix it up" and invite ALL  of our co-hosts back for a final thank you to everyone who helped to make this past month a success! It's been an absolute blast getting to know each and every one of you guys! :)
Three Sisters and Us Hopelessly Ever After HelloFelecia
What's on your bucket list?! Anything super cool?! I'm interested to see what you plan on doing this spring.
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  1. yay! i'm soooo happy you linked up for the final post! :) i think any amount of blogging over the norm is considered being a better blogger!!

  2. I think you did better with blogging, much more posts=happiness
    I need to get better about scheduling again. Its so much easier.
    I have our normal two week meals up for like the last week and half? We have done maybe two on it. Not like us lol