Thursday, April 03, 2014

#3 30DoB - What makes you...YOU!

Well...I think we can all agree that I'm pretty freakin awesome. I mean, I have many leather-bound books and my house smells of rich mahogany. So....

I'm quirky. That's what makes me, me. Weird, as I was called in middle school. And high school. Well...I guess I've pretty much always been called weird. But...I like quirky. It makes me sound less "mental health" crazy and more "funny" crazy. Right?!?!

Anywhoooo....The main reason I love being funny....quirky....whatever, is because it keeps people smiling. I love a great smile. Or a healthy giggle. And when I can make people do that, I'm happy. Why shouldn't the world always be happy? And if you're around me then I try to make you that way. Nothing better than a stomach ache from some good ole' calorie burning laughter.

I apologize if that was too graphic for some people. #sorrynotsorry
I have no problem embarrassing myself in public. My friend and I used to have dance parties in the middle of any restaurant that played music. I absolutely love Spirit Week type stuff at my school because I go all out. We once had a Camo Day (we're country, I know) and since I didn't own any camo I put on a pair of pantyhose and hot glued real leaves all over them, my shirt, shoes, and beanie. I was like a walking Sasquatch only covered in leaves, not fur. Halloween is always a blast.

The only problem is, my talents aren't appreciated at work. I started teaching middle school students. They got my jokes, laughed with me, we cut up. I still have a relationship with many of them and it was fun going to work and having someone to laugh with all day. I loved them!! But now I'm in elementary school. And...I've never heard so many crickets in my entire life. Like, literally....
But it's all good. It makes it that much better when I do get a little chuckle. 
So that's me. Quirky old me. And luckily I found someone else who doesn't mind being quirky sometimes, too. 
Kelsey, that one's for you.
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  1. OK....HA! At first I was like....that feathery thing on her skirt looks like a vagina, I wonder if she knows? And then I zoomed in and it IS a hairy vagina. I. Am. Dying.

  2. Haha Your photos are hilarious! I think I would be in stitches if we hung out!

  3. HAHAHA i literally bursted out laughing at the monument picture!

  4. hahahah @ the crotch and wang photos. Hilarious

  5. I love and adore people like you, they usually give me the other half I don't have in me and balances us both out! :)