Thursday, April 17, 2014

Boys Behind the Blog

We're back for Boys Behind the Blog!! Don't forget to stop by tomorrow for an awesome giveaway!!

This month, the questions were chosen by previous Boys Behind the Blog. This time my husband, Mike, actually answered the questions, but I didn't think he was as fun as Rosco.

Mal Smiles

1. Your significant other’s blog; a blessing or a curse? - Joe @ Another Clean Slate 

          Curse - Between that and Candy Crush and feel like I never have any time with her.

              Which is such a lie because I usually only write in the blog when he's at work. Now, Crushin, that's something we could work on, haha.

2. Do you read your wife's (or insert relationship to blogger here) blog? Brian @ Heather's Hurrah 

          When she asks me to.

3. What is one thing you can do better than anyone you know?- Justin @ Our Fairy Tale

          Just one thing? Hmm...I guess if I can only pick one thing, I would say cooking.

4. What is your favorite TV sitcom from the 90's? - Sam @ Jessie Jo At Home

          Saved by the Bell. Two words - Kelly Kapowski.

               What he first told me to say was "AC Slater, no homo. But I do have a man crush on Mario Lopez." 

5. If you were opening a small business or shop, what would it be? What goods or services would you sell? Nate @Kate & Trudy

          A gym....Chestertown needs some competition and I need a better place to work out.

There he is folks, my handsome hunk of a husband. Man of many words...


  1. I'm sure if my hubby had thought about it longer, he probably would have said Saved by the Bell and not Friends, purely based on Kelly Kapowski :) great answers!

  2. So many of the guys are saying Saved my the bell!! So funny!

  3. I love these type of posts. My boyfriend said Saved by the Bell, as well, but I'm not sure about the man crush ;) I LOVE candy crush as well; so addicting!

  4. Haha Joe said Saved By the Bell too and its prob for the same reason ;)

  5. Saved by the Bell is the best. Heck Kelly K. practically made the show LOL.

    men can be a mess.

    Just letting you know I'm following you. Would love to have you come check me out and hopefully follow me back