Tuesday, April 01, 2014

April Goals...

I'm horrible with goals, because I never fulfill them and it just makes me feel like a loser, but......Kelsey and Heather are doing a 30 days of Blogging linkup and I thought I would try it out. Now....one of my goals will not be "participate in every day of the 30 Days of Blogging linkup" and that's because there is no way in donkey hell that I will succeed with that one. I mean.....have you seen the slackage lately?? I know....

But, day one is "Your goals for the month of April" so I figured I'd write some of them down.

1.  Stop being so lazy - I hate cardio. I hate running. I hate trying to catch my breath. But...now that it's getting nicer out I know I can do better with my running. The last 4 times I have been to the gym I threw in about 25 minutes of cardio, as well. I hate it while it's happening, but I love it when I'm done and I can look back and think, "That wasn't that bad."

2.  Be a better blogger - Although I know I won't succeed in writing every day, I know I can do more days a week than I usually do. Especially when Kelsey and Heather are giving me the ideas to write about. haha. I'm going to utilize more of the scheduled posts available with Blogger, too. I can kill a few posts in one night and then I don't have to worry about doing it when Mike is home from work.

3. Do some DIY - Now that the weather is getting nicer I don't mind getting off the couch and doing stuff. Before, when it was so cold, I couldn't get out from under that blanket. Here is what I need to do...paint the bookshelf in the dining room, Paint the bookshelf in the office, Hang the pictures in the dining room, But some trinkets and paint them to match in dining room, figure out curtains for the dining room. As you can tell our dining room is lacking something fierce.

4. Make curtains for my downstairs bathroom - This is something that will literally take about 30 minutes and I have everything I need. I have just been putting it off for some reason over the last few...errrr....months. Truth is, I keep debating about how I want to do it and even if I would rather just have a valance. But, what I need to tell myself is that even if I don't use them in that room, I have 7500000 other windows to use them in!!

OK, well I think that's good enough. Who knows if I'll succeed but I hate to go too far and then fail fo sho.

Wish me luck!! Oh, and go link up!! They have a writing idea for you for every day in April!


  1. You can do it! One day at a time. That's how I felt about launching the upgraded blog and Etsy store. It sucks to pour all the upfront work into it, but totally worth that accomplished feeling!

  2. I am terrible at keeping up with my goals but I love setting them!

  3. love your goals! :) I hope you join us for more days! Thank you for linking up! I am so excited to get to know you! :)

  4. I LOVE your dining room table!

  5. Ohhh super pumped! And I think we've all got the get moving goal set up for April. I mean really, lets face it, we all ate too much this winter and need to shed a few pounds for the summer! I'm so excited you're linking up this month :)

  6. I love setting goals. The 30 Days of Blogging would be hard I like my few days off but you can do it.

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