Hi guys!! I'm Kristin!!

My husband Mike and I got married in June of 2012 and we're doing the whole "newlywed" thing...I guess. We pretty much lived in sin for 95% of our relationship so it's no different than before. Except now it costs money to break up and we have a bunch of crap to split up. Oh well...I guess I'll stay with him for a while. He's pretty cute at least. 

This blog is in the middle of an identity crisis. I started it to document my DIY projects and new recipes until I realized I was just too lazy to keep trying new stuff. Plus, more people liked me if I just wrote about real life AND ALCOHOL!! Soo...that's where we're at.

Mike and I live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I'm a teacher and he's works in a jail. Don't worry, we're small town folk. The inmates are usually just some neighbors and former classmates in for drug charges and what not. Nothing serious. 

Please grab yourself a glass of your favorite vodka drink and stay a while. If you're so inclined link up with us every Thursday for Thirsty Thursday!! I could always use a new drank idea!



  1. Hey girl! I know these things are probably kind of corny, but I nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award because you're one of my most favorite bloggers ever. Anyway, here's the post I mentioned you in: :) Hope you're having a great weekend!

  2. I am dying because I feel the same...being married is a lot like being unmarried, except now its a whole lot more expensive if we break up!

    I did the same with recipes and DIY stuff and the just got bored with it all. Taking pictures, writing tutorials, etc. just got old for me. I'd much rather write a bullet point list of randomness anyway!

  3. This is literally the best 'About Me' section I have ever read in my existence. (Well, since i've been stalking people via the internet.)

  4. so what part of the world are you from? and what the heck is in his mouth? LOL You look like a different person in every pic. cool but weird.

  5. I love how you explained your husband's job. So excited to be anew reader!