Tuesday, April 08, 2014

#8 30DoB - Your favorite photo and why

Oh my goodness. I have no idea with this one. I love so many of them! Well, since I seem to be on a dad theme (see tomorrow's post, too) and I admitted yesterday that I never talk about my dad.....this will surprise sooooo many people who knew him, so I'd have to say it's this picture right CHYEA...


What many of you don't understand is this.....

My dad was a button-down and khaki wearing, nursery-loving, history teacher. He didn't often curse, unless he was really angry, and he tried to embarrass us on the daily. It wasn't until I was in college that I realized my dad and I were exactly alike. And that was only because I went to the college he went to, and his old college roommate lived very close. He would come pick me up and take me to dinner and tell me story after story about dad in college.

This picture was actually taken by another teacher on a trip to England. My dad used to take groups to England and give them tours. He started with his high school students and when they stopped allowing that (because of other regulations, not anything that happened) he took adult trips. What makes this my favorite picture, is that this might be the only proof I have of times that my dad would let loose and act crazy.

How he and my mother fell in love I have no idea, but I guess they say opposites attract. In this case, at least in college apparently, that would have to have been polar opposites.

My mother literally told stories of dumping her "drank" in plants around the fraternity houses when they went out so it looked like she was drinking but wasn't. She also tells the story of the "one time she ate the fruit from the 'punch'". That's how much of a rebel she was.

I always tell Mike how badly I wish my dad was still here to go to the bar with. I never got the opportunity to drink with him but I think this photo would be proof that he would have been a great time!!

What's your favorite photo?
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  1. Love this photo challenge! I'm definitely going to join the next one!

  2. I love your picture that you chose! Isn't it funny how you learn so much from pictures!

  3. ok that picture is just cool. i love how you really elaborated on it and i feel as if i'm learning so much about your dad from your posts! so neat, and i think its too funny your mom would pour drinks out!! thanks for co-hosting :)

  4. Your Dad as Fat Bastard is awesome!! Seems liked he was a pretty awesome guy.