Friday, June 28, 2013

Orioles Magic!!

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So yes...I'm a huge football fan and it definitely reigns over baseball, but I LOVE baseball season. Those pants?!?! What?!?! Yes please!! I have been going to Orioles games since I was a baby. My husband and I try to make it to a few a summer. Last year was AWESOME!! 
While I've always been an Orioles fan and always watched the games, they would usually be just background sound to whatever else I was doing. Mainly because I never expected them to win in the first place. 

But last year was so much fun. I mean we made it to Playoffs!!! Mike and I went to the last game against the Yankees as Camden Yards. I think it was game 3?? So much fun. And please tell me where all those Orioles fans came from? Can we say fair weather fans?!?!

Truth is, whether they win or lose, I'll always love the Orioles...because Natty Boh and Nick Markakis's ass in a pair of baseball pants are two things I could never live without.

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thirsty Thursday Drinkup Linkup Party #8

It's time for Thirsty Thursday #8!!!

Hopelessly Ever After

Meet my cohost Chelsea!! She blogs over at Crazy Bullies and has the cutest puppies ever!! She's super cute and just as crazy as me. She and her boy toy are planning their wedding for next year and you can follow along!! Follow her on Instagram to check out all the cute videos and photos she posts of her pups.

So I realized this week that I haven't been as eclectic in my drink choices as I have wanted to be. And truthfully, I'm not sure I really mind. Fact is that I like Vodka. Vodka is my friend. It's what we always have on hand, everyone knows we drink it, it's convenient. So...this week will be no different. It's another vodka drink. Sorry guys!! I promise next week I'm doing something different. Yes, we are doing the linkup next week!! I have a great cohost so get your 4th of July dranks ready!!

I wanted to do a Dirty Shirley also known as Cherry Moon this week, but didn't get to the store. So....I used what I had in the fridge and made up my own. Whats new?? So here it is, the...

Slutty Temple
Mike thought of this :)

1 part vodka
2 parts Cherry 7up (maybe a little more)
2 parts pineapple

So good it'll make your pants drop!!

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Monday, June 24, 2013


This weekend was pretty exciting. Two of our favorite people got married and everything was gorgeous!! They couldn't have had better weather and the rain held off for both days for them. It was beautiful.

1. Trying out the new Brew2Go on the way to the rehearsal. Definitely works great. Keeps the beer cold for a good while. 

2. The blushing bride-to-be and her daddy.

3. My husband walking with the wrong Kristin!! She's a Kristen, too.

4. Quick before the wedding pic with my friend, Taylor.

5. Isn't she gorgeous?!!? Love her!!

6. Mr. and Mrs. Melvin!!

7. Their First Dance.

8. Our Book Club pic. Haha. Most of the girls from Book Club were invited to the wedding so we had to get a pic.

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Happy Anniversary!!

So today marks ONE YEAR that Mike and I have been married. I am truly blessed that he came into my life and I couldn't have asked for someone who loved me more.

For those who don't know, Mike chased me for an entire year. He tried everything he could to get me to date him, and I was just too stubborn. I was moving away in a few months and had already tried that whole long distance thing. Needless to just didn't work out.

When I moved to Virginia I would come home every other weekend to hang out with him. He was truly my best friend and we could tell each other anything. I loved him from the start but wasn't going to let myself be stuck in another long distance situation. Every second I spent with him was fun. We would talk for hours in the car and he would even drive out to the cemetery with me long after the bars closed just to "hang out" with dad. Mike never got the chance to meet him, but he knew how important it was to me. 

There were many times Mike professed his love to me and I would just blow him off. Every time it happened he would call our friendship quits because he couldn't deal with just being "friends" with someone he cared so much about. It would only take a few hours for him to realize it just wasn't that easy. Our friendship was way too strong for him to just write me off. And on we would go for another few weeks talking all day every day, the first thing I thought about when I woke up, and the last before I fell asleep.

And then, with four little words, our lives changed. It was my weekend to go home. I called Mike as usual to let him know what time I was getting on the road the next day. Letting him know what time I would be home so we could go out. He told me he might not be able to hang out that night...
 "I have a date." 
I remember it like it was yesterday. I was in Target looking at dish towels. In that second I felt my heart break. I think I could literally feel pieces shatter and slice my insides. It hurts me just thinking about it. I put everything down and walked out of Target. All the while asking him questions about who it was and what they were going to do. Acting like it was nothing. Like there wasn't a huge bubble in my throat ready to explode. And then finally I told him...
"Please don't go with her. Go with me."

The next night we had our first official date. We had hung out just the two of us plenty of times before but this time we knew it was different. I think we both knew that we would be together forever. Everything between us was just so comfortable. It felt like he was made for me and me for him. Soulmates. 

Two weeks later, Mike came to Virginia and moved me home. I can honestly say I love him more now than I ever thought it was possible to love. The best decision I have ever made in life was telling him not to go on that date. I may have never known what it felt like to love this much.


Friday, June 21, 2013

Gotta Get Down on Friday!!

I have some exciting news!!!!!!!!!!


Our real estate agent called us yesterday and they accepted our offer!! Mike and I were both at the gym at the time and luckily it's a small one in a small town because otherwise people might have thought we were nuts!! We both started jumping up and down and high-fiving. It was a little ridiculous. lol. 
But...we were excited so we didn't care. 

1. WE GOT A HOUSE!!!! Of course the best happy EVER!!

2. Summer has officially started. Yes, I work a summer program, but I still get home earlier and don't have to drive an hour each way!

3. I got my Vino2Go XL and Brew2Go in the mail yesterday!! So excited!!

4. Two of my great friends are getting married this weekend!! Very excited for them and can't wait to see how gorgeous she looks!!

5. They brought fried chicken for lunch today!! I know, I know...not good for you, but oh well!!

6. Mike and I got my favorite ice cream to celebrate last night. Ben and Jerry's Half Baked. Yummmmmmm!!

NO CRAPPIES THIS WEEK!! How could anything be crappy on such a glorious day?!!?!

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thirsty Thursday #7

Welcome to our SEVENTH Thirsty Thursday!!!

Hopelessly Ever After

No cohost for this week, just me. That always makes me sad. Please email me if you would like to cohost!!

I'm going to kind of keep this short and sweet today. It's been such a long day. We are in a bidding war of sorts with this house. Our agent called this morning and told us we needed to have our best and final offer in by 5 this evening. Please keep your fingers crossed for us!!

I'm also slacking this week because I forgot to take a picture of the drink of the week. I found one from the internet so please forgive me!!

This week I did something I haven't done yet. My favorite wine!!

Mapreco - Vinho Verde

This wine is so good and so crisp. It's my absolute favorite to have on a summer day!! It's a bit on the sweeter side but not too sweet. You can taste the citrus and hints of lime. I love it!!

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The little things...and vodka

Almost forgot! Today I'm guest posting over at Cortney's page The Little Things...and Vodka. I think we can all see why her blog title caught my attention. Duh!! It's a list of ways you can determine whether or not you have a drinking problem!

Head on over there and check her out. She is awesome!!

Whew I think I'm back!!

Whew!! Life has been insanely hectic since school got out last Wednesday. I seriously haven't even had time to think of a blog post since then. Luckily, I had the one for Father's Day already written and scheduled or else you wouldn't have seen anything from me for the last week!! I've got some pretty exciting things to talk about though!!

First off...DON'T FORGET ABOUT THIRSTY THURSDAY!!! I don't have a cohost for tomorrow so if anyone is interested email me at I can get the info to you as soon as possible. :) It's super easy!!

So, let me preface this with the fact that I literally have never won anything in my entire life. I can't remember a single time that I have ever filled out an entry and I have gotten anything more than a bunch of annoying telemarketer calls. 

Well, my friends, this week it all changed!!

Now, I almost didn't write anything because I don't want any of the other things I'm still in giveaways for to me jinxed. But I have to tell the last three days I have won 3 things!!! Well, actually, 4 because one thing came with two things. 

Sunday was a reallllllly long day. If any of you read my post about Father's Day you'll know I lost my dad when I was 19 and how difficult the process was. So that day is always a hard day. But to add on to that, Mike's mom, my mom, Mike, and I went house hunting. We found one we really liked, but also had to choose between buying a house and building a house. There was a ton of discussion, debate, and confusion and by the time I got home I was exhausted. Mike and I made his dad dinner and I got drunk. Then, later on, AFTER TRUE BLOOOOOOOOOODDDDD!!!! I checked my email and my life changed. 

If you haven't noticed I have been signing up for every single giveaway out there to win a Vino2Go or Brew2Go from The Product Farm. I even searched google to make sure I found all the blogs offering giveaways. Yes, yes, I know and it all paid off because I WON!!!!! Rachel over at With Love, Rachel had a giveaway to win both and I WON!!! Now, if any of you other giveaways choose me for another Vino2Go or Brew2Go please don't be discouraged. It's never fun to drink alone so I'm in need of one more of each. :)

On Monday we put an offer in on the house we liked. We're still waiting to hear back so we will see. It's way more house than we needed but the price was something we just couldn't pass up. I guess soon enough we'll have some rugrats running around that can help fill it up. Please pray, keep your fingers crossed, dream, wish, whatever, for us!! We seriously love the house and hope we get it.

At work on Monday I got a tweet from Ashley at Let's Get Bananas. No one ever tweets me so I got really excited and checked it out. 
I'm so excited for this because I can go on there and get some stuff for the cruise Mike and I are going on in August. I have been looking on there and can't make up my mind yet but you guys will totally know whenever I do!!!

And then.......yesterday, I got another tweet from Kisha at The Glamorous French Housewife!!!
I won this totally awesome apron that I intend on rocking the 'ish out of, hopefully, in our new house!!!

OK, so that's what I've been up to for the last however many days. Don't forget about Thirsty Thursday tomorrow!!
Hopelessly Ever After

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Crockpot Salsa Verde Chicken Tacos

OK, so...Don't judge a meal by it's picture. There really wasn't a way for me to get a good pic of this meal. We didn't fancy anything up and truthfully, it doesn't look pretty when you eat it unless you do.

This meal was delicious!!

The best part about it is that it's a crockpot meal!! I love anything that doesn't take an effort on my part. It actually turned out to be the best idea ever for Mike and I because by the time we got home from house hunting on Saturday he only had 10 minutes before he had to head into work. I was so grateful I put this on in the morning.

I forgot to mention before that this is a SKINNY meal!! It's from So that makes it even better!!

Crockpot Salsa Verde Chicken Tacos

     1.5 lbs of chicken tenders or boneless skinless chicken breasts
     1/4 tsp garlic powder
     1/8 tsp ground cumin
     1/8 tsp oregano
     Salt to taste
     16oz jar salsa verde

1. Season chicken with garlic, oregano, and cumin. Add salt.

2. Put chicken in crockpot. Cover with salsa verde.

3. Cover and heat on low for 6-8 hours or until tender. Shred chicken. Serve on tortillas.

Suggestion: This was SUPER juicy. You might want to think about draining any excess liquid from the jar before adding the verde or adding more chicken. Maybe use tongs when putting it on the taco. We used a slotted spoon and definitely didn't let it drain long enough. 

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Been MIA

I've been MIA the last week or so. I've put a few things up but I've been super busy. I might have some exciting news here in a few days though!!!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

"The only man a girl can depend on... her daddy."
- Grease

I've been writing this post in my head for about a month. I want to show the importance of love and family, but I don't want this post to make anyone feel sad or morbid. It's so hard to come up with the right words to say about someone so special...

My father passed away 3 weeks before my 20th birthday. He had been sick for a few months, but no one really expected it to happen. My dad had something called Amyloidosis.

Amyloidosis is a disease that has no cause, and has no cure. Everyone has Amyloid proteins in their bodies. Sometimes they react differently and instead of fighting with antibodies, they fight against them. Eventually, they start to attack all of your organs.

My father found out he had Amyloidosis in April. It was Easter weekend. He and my mother had traveled to Minnesota to attend the Mayo Clinic in order to find out what was wrong. He had been fighting pneumonia for months and he knew something just wasn't right. The doctors at home had no idea what it was. It was at the Mayo Clinic that they told him he had a disease that attacked 8 out of 1,000,000 people. They gave us hope and said a stem cell transplant may help him...but also let us know that there was a chance things might not necessarily act in our favor.

When I finished out my sophomore year of college, I headed to Minnesota with my parents in order to assist in dad's stem cell transplant. We lived in a place called the Gift of Life Transplant House. It was a place where you felt at home. A place where everyone there was going through the same things you were. A place where everyone you came in contact with could relate to your story.

For two months we lived there, taking dad back and forth to different check-ups, chemo visits, etc. We made friends and visited local attractions. We made ourselves at home. And then, eventually, dad just started to go downhill. The doctors had told him that he could no longer get the stem cell transplant. His body was too far gone and it wouldn't handle it. So, he started on a new kind of chemo that they thought might work. Dad was terrified. He knew he was going to go through a lot and it was so hard to watch him.

Eventually, I had to head back home. I needed to keep my summer job and make sure everything was attended to at the house. It wasn't easy leaving, but I knew it was the thing that I had to do.

At the airport the day I left. I cut off 10 inches of my hair the day before in
 support of dad. He later found out he wasn't going to lose his hair....little stinker.
Dad started to get better and they even talked about letting him head home, but every time they promised him release, something bad would happen. About 3 weeks after I left, my brother went to spend the weekend with them. They told dad then that he was well enough to head home. My brother, Scott, and mom packed all their things and they headed out. They made it the 2 day drive home and finally, Dad was back with us.

He was still very sick. He threw up every time he ate. He just couldn't keep anything down. We knew this was going to happen, but seeing your dad so vulnerable was heartbreaking.

Then one night, about a week later, it all changed...

Mom and Dad were sitting at the kitchen table going over bills. I was upstairs asleep. It happened so quickly. My dad looked at mom, said her name, and his eyes rolled back in his head. He had done this a few times before, but mom could tell it was different. She called 911.

Luckily, our neighbors are paramedics. They hopped on their 4wheeler and headed over. Still, there was little to be done. By the time they got Dad to the ER he was brain dead and couldn't breathe on his own. They explained that the Amyloidosis had attacked his heart, and he had had a stroke and a heart attack at the same time. He was on life support.

At one point I went home. We were all in our pajamas and Mom and I needed things for the hospital. The first time I walked into the kitchen I broke down. I laid in the spot where he had laid and cried. There was nothing we could do. We knew it was the end.

My dad stayed on life support for about a day. We waited until my brothers could come home and then we pulled the plug. It's the hardest thing any of us have ever done. Within another 24 hours he passed.

My father was an amazing man. 
I miss him every day of my life.
He's watching over me, however. 
Cuz I can feel his love shine down on me daily.

Our last picture together.
This is a poem I wrote for my dad on the weekend we found out about his disease. I left it on his pillow along with a bear I had built him named "Faith".

"Walk by faith, not by sight"
- 2 Corinthians 5:7

Faith now lives with Mike and I. The bracelet on her wrist was made for Dad.
It says "Faith" and has each of our birthstones.

Daddy's Little Girl
Pretty dresses, Barbie dolls, ribbons in my hair, 
Ballet shoes and tutu skirts, pink was everywhere. 
Fancy bed, flowered sheets, stacks of teddy bears, 
Dance lessons, hide and seek, he was always there. 
I was Daddy’s Little Girl. 

Special friends, cootie boys, hearing fairy tales, 
Red corvettes and spotted cows, painted fingernails. 
Learning of loss, broken hands, Girl Scout cookie sales, 
Ice cream stops, water walks, his love always prevailed. 
I was Daddy’s Little Girl. 

Eskimo kisses, bedtime prayers, dancing on your toes, 
Tire swings and fireworks, sledding in the snow. 
The Boogieman, planting seeds, spurts that made me grow, 
Questions about history, he always seemed to know. 
I was Daddy’s Little Girl. 

The Annie play, my first crush, the Indian foot race, 
Brand new school and all new friends, both in a new place. 
First bike ride, dress myself, no more frills and lace, 
Pierced ears, sleepovers, always my saving grace. 
I was Daddy’s Little Girl. 

Big new home, big new room, big new closet, too. 
Softball games and broken wrist, filled with things to do. 
Concert solos, puberty, things I never knew, 
First “boyfriend”, 8th grade dance, he’s always there for you. 
I was Daddy’s Little Girl. 

Huge new school, football games, friends from younger years. 
Cheerleading practice and drama crew, Prom Committee tears. 
Driver’s License, make-up, a whole new list of fears. 
Colorado, “Just You and I”, as always he was here. 
I was Daddy’s Little Girl. 

Senior year, my first love, couldn’t wait for May, 
Prom dress and high heeled shoes, college on the way. 
The applications, internship, no more time for play. 
He was even there to kiss on Graduation Day. 
I was Daddy’s Little Girl. 

On my own, a whole new world, every bit a fright. 
Broken hearts and brand new dreams, IM’s every night. 
Life-long friends, missing home, prayers with all my might. 
Tough times, falling tears, he always makes things right. 
I am Daddy’s Little Girl. 

Big white dress, chapel bells, flowers in my hair. 
Walk me down and give me away, know I’ll always care. 
One last dance, play our song, still the perfect pair. 
Through thick and thin, for all my life, always he’ll be there. 
I’ll be Daddy’s Little Girl.

Go hug those Daddies for me!! 
Tell them I said Happy Father's Day!!!

Friday, June 14, 2013

The time I peed my pants...

Sorry for the boobs in this pic...

I live about an hour and a half away from University of Maryland. Truth is I'm totally not into college ball of any sort. Yes, I may watch a football game on tv and I've even been to a few UMD basketball games, but I'd much rather watch "real" football.

There was one time when we were invited to go with a group of people to a UMD football game. They were friends of my husband boyfriend at the time but I had barely even met them before. The whole day was kind of awkward. I tried to make small talk with the girlfriends, but truth is I didn't really know them. I was the only one in the group who didn't "belong".

So...what did I do?? Come can do this!! That's right...I got drunk. :)

I talk enough as it is, but when I drink I don't necessarily feel as awkward with strangers. I feel like I loosen up a little. of course

It was FREEZING!! I can't exactly remember the time of year but we were dressed in everything we had and tailgating with snow outside. So, the members of the group started a fire and we continued to hang out until the game started. A few drinks in I had to pee. The only thing available was a porta-potty. No biggie. I actually don't mind portas. One of the chicks even volunteered to go with me to make sure I got back ok.

Fast forward about 4 drinks later...I had broken the seal, so I had to go again. I felt confident about this time so I went by myself and waited in line. It was dark by now so once in the potty I visualized the seat and hovered overtop. This time, however, as I was "doin my thang" I heard something dripping. And then...I felt something flow down my leg...

I'm terribly afraid of spiders so I sucked it up real quick and swatted at my leg. It was at that moment that I realized, whatever was on my leg, it was wet.

Then...there was panic...

 photo omg-zoom_zps829a76c3.gif

I had peed all over myself. WTH?? Why didn't it go in?? Well...some d-bag decided that when they were done they were going to shut the lid. Who does that?!?! It's a freakin porta potty!! Who shuts the lid?!?!?! WHAT DO I DO????

So...I pulled my pants up. Walked out the door. And went straight to the fire.

Not a single word came out of my mouth for about an hour. I stood there, with my butt to the fire, as close as I could get, and drank dried. Luckily I was wearing dark jeans and you couldn't see the wet spot. I even sat at the game, freezing cold, with wet pants, for a LOOOOOOOONG time. But I wouldn't tell anyone. Even Mike didn't know until we were headed home.

Truth is...that story has never been told to anyone besides my husband. Not a sole there ever knew I had pee pee pants. So...I have broken my silence. 

Thank you for listening.

Venus Trapped in Mars

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thirsty Thursday Linkup Party #6!!`

First off, let me apologize for my blogs midlife crisis this week. The template I used malfunctioned so I had to hurry and create something this week. lol. It will change again. Don't worry.

Welcome to Thirsty Thursday!!!

Hopelessly Ever After

My cohost today was new to our linkup last week. I've had the pleasure to take some time to get to know her and you guys are going to love her!!

This is Rachael from Lobster Lovefest!! She looks great in red lipstick and will never cease to make you laugh. This is my favorite post so far!! A story about how her friends can't always handle their alcohol. lol. You know me. Give me a funny drunk story and I'm in!!! Head on over to her page and give her some love!!

Don't forget if you would like to cohost just email me at It's free!! I just love having new blogs to stalk look at.

I'm really not sure why I haven't thought about posting this week's drink before. It's one of Mike and my favorite things to take out on the boat and you can usually find a gallon of it just sitting in our fridge waiting to get sipped slurped on!! It's super easy to make ahead and great to take to outdoor events!! But be careful...she'll sneak up on you!!!

Arnold Palmer-anian
cuz she's got a little bite. :)

By the Gallon:
1 fifth of your favorite sweet tea vodka (We use Burnett's. It's cheap!!)
1 packet of Crystal Light Lemonade
half gallon of sweet tea

Find a gallon container. Add vodka, then sweet tea. Empty packet of Crystal Light. Shake, shake, shake!! Top the container off with water.

Drank that shit!!! On a boat, in a coat, by the pool, on a stool. :)

No go link up!!!

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