Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thirsty Thursday Linkup Party #6!!`

First off, let me apologize for my blogs midlife crisis this week. The template I used malfunctioned so I had to hurry and create something this week. lol. It will change again. Don't worry.

Welcome to Thirsty Thursday!!!

Hopelessly Ever After

My cohost today was new to our linkup last week. I've had the pleasure to take some time to get to know her and you guys are going to love her!!

This is Rachael from Lobster Lovefest!! She looks great in red lipstick and will never cease to make you laugh. This is my favorite post so far!! A story about how her friends can't always handle their alcohol. lol. You know me. Give me a funny drunk story and I'm in!!! Head on over to her page and give her some love!!

Don't forget if you would like to cohost just email me at It's free!! I just love having new blogs to stalk look at.

I'm really not sure why I haven't thought about posting this week's drink before. It's one of Mike and my favorite things to take out on the boat and you can usually find a gallon of it just sitting in our fridge waiting to get sipped slurped on!! It's super easy to make ahead and great to take to outdoor events!! But be careful...she'll sneak up on you!!!

Arnold Palmer-anian
cuz she's got a little bite. :)

By the Gallon:
1 fifth of your favorite sweet tea vodka (We use Burnett's. It's cheap!!)
1 packet of Crystal Light Lemonade
half gallon of sweet tea

Find a gallon container. Add vodka, then sweet tea. Empty packet of Crystal Light. Shake, shake, shake!! Top the container off with water.

Drank that shit!!! On a boat, in a coat, by the pool, on a stool. :)

No go link up!!!

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  1. I wanted to link up sooooooo bad but I didn't have anything new, so I posted an oldie but goodie!! Hopefully next week I will have something new to bring to the table :)

    ps...your drink could be I've already stated on Insta! Cheers!

  2. Yum!! And I love the name. I need to make it!!

  3. O gosh I love some sweet tea vodka!!! Looks like a great drink and very creative name :)