Tuesday, April 15, 2014

#15 30DoB - Share your date night!!

Mike and I get the opportunity to do date night about once a month. Lately, our funds have been a little low, but we still try to get in some time to get together.

Truth is, we pretty much do the same thing for our date nights every time. Mike and I love the movies. We love getting the time to go together and getting the popcorn and blah, blah, blah. So, here's how my ideal movie date night would pan out.

It would have to start out with no problems in the wardrobe department. I hate picking out shit to wear. It's all old and I have no money to buy new stuff, and I always end up just settling for something stupid. I like to look good for my baby!

Then, we would definitely go to my favorite sushi restaurant or a nice brewery on the water. Either one is perfect for me. Drank a few dranks, of course!

Last but not least, a nice walk along the water before watching that sexy Chris Evans Captain America his way across that damn movie screen. In IMAX 3D, duh, gotta keep that fine ass body as real as possible. Reach out and touch it! Abs. 

And of course....pics to document the whole thing!!!!

What's your favorite date night!!
I can't wait to read these!!


  1. It would have to start out with no problems in the wardrobe department. -- WORD!

  2. We just had a date night. Haven't had one in months! He came downtown to meet me after work and we lied to the waitress saying it was our anniversary. Free champagne!

  3. Sushi and beer sounds perfect to me!

  4. Awwwwwe yeah! Abs and everything else the Cap has going on!

  5. Movies are fun and Chris is a hottie with a body so no complaints from me if that was the suggestion. I love active dates like hiking or kayaking, but never for a first date.

  6. MMMmmmmm Chris Evans in 3D. Good call. Half our dates end up at a sushi restaurant or happy hour on the water.