Friday, April 25, 2014

I got 5 on it...Friday that is...

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Christina, Natasha, and April

ONE: Monday was Date Day for Mike and I. We were on "Spring Break" if you call it that. Off Friday and Monday. Luckily Mike had off one of those days, too. We headed to the movies to see Captain America. It was awesome!! And my chick Scarlett was looking hotter than ever!! Oh yeah, and Chris was smoooooookin too, of course. Then we went to our Happy Hour location and got dranks and ate until I literally thought I was going to throw up. It was bad. But oh soooo good!! And we got a drunk family picture out of it!! Smooches!!

TWO: This week went by so fast!! Now is the time when classes are having field trips, and assemblies, and field day, and this and that. It's one time when I absolutely love being a Specialist and not in the regular ed classroom. Because every time a grade goes on a field trip we get an extra planning. I guess it's worth missing all of the plannings we miss just for this. :)

THREE: I had a little extra time before Book Club on Wednesday so I decided to pull my car up to the beach and relax for a little with a good book. OK, that's only partly the truth. Truth is I hadn't finished the book yet and had to hurry up and skim through so I had something to talk about. But this was my view!! Oh I love living here....

Can you spot the Bay Bridge in the Background??
FOUR: It's Yard Sale season!! I've been such a slacker but now that it's starting to warm up I can't wait for some good finds!! This weekend Mike and I are headed to the track so he can make some more test runs. Luckily for me there's a swap meet at the track this weekend so I might miss his races. haha. He'll get over it!!

FIVE: It's the freakin weekend baby, I'm about to have me some fun!!!

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  1. My boyfriend is the gym teacher and he is having a meltdown about the field day!

  2. Lovely view!! Im jealous ;) xo

  3. What a beautiful view! I love being so close to water! Hope you score big cat the swap meet.