Thursday, March 27, 2014

Drank, Dranky Drank Drank...

So I've been chatting with a few bloggy friends lately about dranking and what not, and I know I ditched out on Thirsty Thursday this week, so....I figured I'd post this guest post I wrote about a year ago. It seemed to make people laugh so...enjoy...

You might have a drinking problem if...

- Every member of the family who owns the liquor store you go to knows you by name. And it’s not cuz you live in a small town.

- The owner yells "See you Friday" as you walk out the door on Wednesday...because he knows it only takes you 2 week days to finish that fifth you just bought.

- Your Facebook feed is full of "Just Tapped" updates from taphouses hundreds of miles away from you just for the suggestions. P.S. You get some pretty awesome ideas from these places. :)

- You smuggle 2 half gallons of vodka on a cruise, and still rack up $400 in alcohol charges.

- You stay 2 hours away from your cruise port just because Fort Lauderdale has more taphouses and breweries that you like. Helllerrr Tap 42!!

- Your husband does personal training on the side in exchange for kegs and 6-packs. Like beer 6-packs. I can see how that might be confusing. lol.

- Your post workout snack looks like this...

- You were nominated for the Ivrester Award on the first day it was given. lol. However, it is (even still) one of my biggest honors. :)

- You budget alcohol into your paycheck...and it's usually more than your budget for groceries.

- You're idea to kill time before a movie is sitting in the car with a 6-pack instead of walking around the mall.

(and a new edition) - The liquor store you frequent has now turned into the Craft Beer Lovers Paradise because, after you move, your first order of business is, "Make friends with the liquor store owner." That's makes liquor store #2 (see #1)!! We should go into business!!

And have a plethora of pictures like these that you can't remember taking or being taken...



  1. oh goodness, either we need to be bff's or I have a drinking problem. Or both.

    Tap42 is awesome, We go all the time!

  2. Hahaha!
    I think I just realized how important alcohol really is in your life ;-p

  3. haha! Amazing - I think the movie thing is my favorite because I do that EVERY time. They need to start making cruises all inclusive ASAP

  4. Start bringing some "juice boxes" TO the movie :)

  5. Love!!! Hahahahahahahaha, y'all are so great :-)

  6. dying.
    if only I could drink heavily without dying over the toilet the next morning.
    A glass of wine and I am done.

    I am lame, I know:)

  7. We would soooooo be friends in real life if we lived in the same city. Does it mean I have a drinking problem if your post made me count down the days til this baby comes out and I can have a drink?! :)