Thursday, February 20, 2014

Boys Behind the Blog!!

It's my first time participating in the Boys Behind the Blog linkup!! Every single month I read them and totally forget but it's always so fun to hear about my blogger friends men. They're just as exciting as mine!!

Mal Smiles

However, I forgot to get Mike to answer the questions last night so I talked to Rosco this morning and he was more than willing...

1. If you could live anywhere where would you live? You know that room upstairs where Mom and Dad let me lay on the couch with them. There. Definitely there.

2. Sand or Snow? UUhhhhh SNOW!! That stuff is amazing!! You can eat it, and play in it!! And it's like a big cold bed! Mommy and Daddy think it's fun to have snowball fights with me. I can't fight back though. So I just jump on them and pin them down!!

3. What winter Olympic sport would you rock at? Pshh....figure skating. Hands down! I know what you're thinking..."But, you're such a macho, manly dog!"...hello...ballet for balance!! I've even been working on my triple axel!! LOOK!!

4. You're cooking a romantic dinner, what is your go-to dish? Oh definitely the Blue Wilderness Salmon Recipe!! It says, "I'm formal, but I'm here to party." in a way like no other. Shows the lady friends that I can be sweet and adventurous. 

5. Fill in the Blank: This year, for Valentine's Day, I gave mom and dad a free upgrade to the dog bed they just bought me. Now it looks awesome!! And feels even better! Although, I don't think they liked it so much....


  1. I love this! I am so participating next month!

  2. OMG! Love that Rosco answered. Definitely a future Olympic skater!

  3. Love this! My dog LOVES the snow too. We can never get him to come inside.

  4. Hilarious!!!! Stopping by from the blog hop =)


  5. This is hilarious!!!! I'm in love with Rosco what a Stud :)

  6. haha I love that Rosco filled in. Amazing! Made me giggle, especially what he'd serve for dinner!

  7. Hahaha awesome twist on the link up! Rosco sounds like a great guy ;)

  8. The boxers do the same thing in the snow! they love to run around and knock us down into it. They have also torn up many a new dog bed. I finally just started giving them old blankets to sleep on becuase they didn't chew those up.

  9. lol, how cute! Rosco is adorable!!