Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Workout Wednesday!!

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I'm going to kind of cheat a little for workout Wednesday and talk about an accomplishment I made yesterday.

So here's a confession....the only running I do is on the elliptical.

My whole life I have sucked at true running. I played softball when I was younger, and then again on a beer league when I was like 21. Everyone called me "Forrest". "Run Forrest, Run!!"

Here's the deal...I have really long legs. Like 95% of my body is legs. I even had a few friends in high school who called me "Leggs". 2 "g's". like 2 legs?? yeah...I'm pretty sure they might have forgotten my real name. So...when I run, it almost looks like I'm running in slow motion. It takes so long for my legs to catch up with the rest of my body. You would think I would make big strides, but I really don't. Not sure what the dilly is??

Anyway, I've always cheated at running. When I was a cheerleader yup, I know we had to run laps before practice. I don't think I made it halfway around the .25 mile track before collapsing. Then, I would walk/jog (like when it looks like you're jogging but you're really just walking. Kinda like marching in place) to make it look like I was running the rest of the way. And truth...I was captain so they couldn't really yell at me. I know, I know...cheerleading captain. I promise I wasn't like thooooose girls.

So, I said...the only running I have done in years is on the elliptical. I like to think I can run pretty well on there. We usually run about 3.5+ miles in 35 minutes. We can even keep a steady pace of about 7.4 mph while we talk!! Which I think is a pretty good accomplishment.

The past few weeks, however, I have been wanting to push myself and run outside. My ultimate goal is to run a 5k.....someday....and that's a BIG someday...

Yesterday, I asked my workout partner, Taylor, if she wanted to run outside. My town just finished a beautiful running path that took the place of an old railroad track through the town.
I told her I wanted to start slow and we agreed upon a destination. About 1/8th of a mile into the run I was ready to quit. My pants were falling down, I was having a hard time breathing, my shins hurt...but then I turned a corner and saw our destination in the distance. And...I knew I could make it.

It was hard. Real hard!! twss
But I did it!! 

It probably was only about 1/4 of a mile. Taylor thinks it might have been more. But I didn't really care. All it meant to me was that I pushed myself and did it. AND....I know I can continue to try and I can only get better!!

So there's my Workout Wednesday for you!! I think I'm back on that wagon!!



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  1. Whohooo! You go! I've never been a runner ever. At some point, I would love to do a 5K or something. Some type of race to prove to myself that I can do it!

  2. Well, I have the opposite problem. My legs are so short and running is so hard, but I do it because I get too winded or bored or something on the elliptical. You can totally do a 5k. 1/4 mile at a time is all it takes and if you gotta stop and walk a little, you stop and walk a little. Every 5 and 10 k I have ever done, heck even the half marathon I did, people walked. :)

  3. Awesome!! It's rough but totally possible to train your self into running!!! There will be highs and lows. But you might find after that first race that its totally worth it!!! There are lots of programs too!!! Ah I'm so pumped for you! Great job!!!

  4. I am not a good runner either! I think my problem is I'm just fat haha. I've played sports my whole life and I can always remember how much I have always hated running. Hey it's not for everybody. But boy do I wish I could slam out a half marathon like all these other awesome ladies who be doing it on the daily.

  5. YYAYYYYYY!!!! I am a VERY slow runner. I enjoy it, but am SO slow. Otherwise I feel like I'm going to die, ha! Running 1/4 of a mile is a GREAT start!!

  6. Hey Kristin! You can definitely run a 5K if I can. I started running last February, have participated in two 5K's and just did a half marathon last weekend. I was NEVER athletic - more into music and other things growing up so this was major. Now, of course I'm injured but don't let that scare you, lol. You can do it!! Slowly but surely. I recommend Couch to 5K :)

  7. This is awesome! I always despised running, too -- but I started up a few months ago. Takes awhile, but I'm actually starting to crave my runs.. as weird as that sounds. Stopping by from Meg's linkup! :)

    -- Emily @

  8. I signed up for my first 5K run in September so I have ALL summer to rain. I am NOT a runner but figured it would give me motivation to get fit and not look like a fool while running. If you like cute workout clothes head on over to my page... I am doing a giveaway! See ya on your thirsty thursday link up tomorrow have a good night