Monday, May 27, 2013

Stay tuned for tomorrow!! and shenanigans!!

Tomorrow I'm doing something super exciting!! My first giveaway!! I'll be posting at midnight Eastern Time so come check it out!!

This weekend is always an eventful weekend for us. It's the first big boating weekend, and also a big weekend for our town.

Friday was very exciting. I mentioned in Happies and Crappies that I had brought a new car home for a sleepover. That car is now mine. :) She's a 2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo. She's very cute and sporty. Now to find all the accessories in order to pimp her out. haha.

Saturday Goobs and I woke up early to hit the gym before Tea Party. Tea Party is a festival in our town that has amazing food and some pretty cool vendors. They usually do a parade and reinactment of throwing the tea. Sounds kinda lame but it's actually a lot of fun. After the gym we walked down to hang out with the kids for the parade. After that we grabbed a few beers and walked around to check out the vendors. One of the town whores caught Mike for a kiss. That bitch!!

Then, Mike and I went home for a nap. Naps are my favorite!! We had planned on meeting up with the family and friends for dinner and totally got the times mixed up so showed up 40 minutes late. lol. Whoops!!

The kids were there and a band was playing so it was only a matter of time before this happened.

Even Uncle Mike got in on it!!

Then, unfortunately, rather than just staying in and calling it a night, we came home to pregame and then headed out to the bar. Let's just say I had a LOOONG night. And morning...

Somehow my friends convinced me to go out on the boat. So...on came that hair of the dog recovery method. It never fails me. :) Unfortunately, I have no pictures of the shenanigans on Sunday. There was sun and booze. Water. A boat. You know....

Nothing eventful on Monday, either. Mike's allergies were acting up pretty bad so we laid low.

That's it!! My Weekend Shenanigans!!
Sami's Shenanigans
They aren't live until tomorrow, but I wanted to get in early since we have the GIVEAWAY!!


  1. Looooove the new ride!! Be sure to post sweet pics after pimping it out!!! Sounds like your weekend was kick ass!!

  2. So jealous! The weather was too crappy to put our boat in the water!

  3. LOVE your new car! Congrats!! Boating sounds like the perfect way to spend the weekend ;-)

  4. I freaking love your new car!! OHMYGAWD.