Sunday, May 05, 2013

Saturday was a DRAG

My husband races cars.
Well...a car.

This means that the first Saturday of every month we go to our "local" dragway for Streetcar Shootout. by local that would be an hour away.... Considering this drag strip is literally in the middle of nowhere, it's a pretty big race. People come from states away every month in order to race.

Mike used to have a slower car, but recently traded it for a car that would run Ultra Street. Unfortunately, his car just isn't up to par in order to run Ultra Sreet. Hopefully once they get the tune right everything will be good.

Saturday morning we packed up and headed to the track. We got there around 9:45 and unpacked with some of our friends and fellow racers. The boys did their thing while I sat there and cracked jokes and chatted. Mike tried to tell me I was there to help. I informed him I was there to drink beer and look pretty. :)

For those that don't know, my dad passed away when I was 19. He had a number that followed him everywhere. 57. We never were quite sure whether or not it was lucky, but he saw it everywhere. Sometimes it would show up multiple times in one moment. Like the time, mileage, and cost of gas. Just random stuff like that.

Mike decided to take fate into his own hands. He chose 0057 for his car number. I guess we'll find out whether it's good luck or bad luck. He's stuck with it now...

Qualifying races started at about 12ish. We were the third round called up. There are 2 qualifying rounds and then eliminations start.

Once you get called up there is a whole lot of standing around and staring at other cars. I blame this for my unfortunate sunburn you will read about later.

Mike's first pass was not very good. He pretty much blew the tires off of the car and ran super slow. Def not a happy guy.

So...we all went back to the trailers and sat around waiting for the next round of qualifying. I found it a great time to start drinking. :) And taking pictures...

During that waiting around we went up to the stands and watched all the really fast cars race. Here was where I happen to notice the horrible sunburn I was getting. Everyone told me I was good, no worries, but I later found out they were lying.

It's horrible. I had on a jacket in the morning so there are a bunch of weird lines where the jacket was laying. Plus my necklace made a horrible line and if you look closely you can see where it spells out "love". Oh well. The beer was good!!

The second round started. Mike went a little better but nothing what he expected to do. He didn't even make it to the elimination rounds he was so slow. haha. Oh well....

So here's how the rest of the day went....

And then one of these...

but mostly...


  1. Hahaha drink beer and look pretty, that's how I live most of my days...
    Sorry about that sunburn, that's never fun!!

  2. Ugh, sunburn in the worst! But you're doing a killer job of drinking beer and looking pretty!