Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Thirsty Thursday #4...with my HUSBAND guest posting!!

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It's hard to believe were in WEEK 4 already!!! Where's your dranks?!?

Hopelessly Ever After

I'm so excited to announce my cohost this week!! 

This is Chelsee from Southern Beauty Guide!! You may notice that every week I link up Thirsty Thursday with her and Stephanie for their "The Party Don't Start Till I Walk In" linkup. I love it!! If you have not linked up with them for that you need to. NOW!! TODAY!! GO!! You get so many great ideas from people about drinks, games, appetizers...all things party related. I'm honored that she would take the time to cohost with me this week!!

I know I have done mixed drinks the last 3 weeks so I figured I would change it up a bit and talk about our other love. BEEEEERRR!!!

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I also have a very special treat for you!!! My husband...the one and only Goober A.K.A. Mike...will be doing the post today about one of our favorite local beers. 
Take it away baby...
16 Mile - Blues Golden
16 Mile Brewery is located in Georgetown, Delaware which could be considered local to us. It's within passing distance on your way to all the DE and MD beaches. 

16 Mile got it's name from the early 1700's in Sussex County where Georgetown was considered 16 miles from anything.

Blues Golden was named after a band of soldiers during the Revolutionary War who fought in many historic battles. At 5.9% alcohol it wouldn't be considered a strong beer, but a step up from any 4.5% ranged beer like Bud, Miller, etc.

Naturally, it's got a golden color. When you pour it has a creamy, heavy, white head twss and a fairly sweet smell. It's far from a heavy beer, but not something you would want to drink all night. Our favorite time to drink this is before dinner, but it goes good with salty foods, too.

Blues Golden almost has a sweet carmel taste, with hints of malty notes. It's very well balanced and a super clean finish that leaves no after taste in your mouth. This very well might be the next keg we order.

Drink Responsibly!!

Yes, I'm in my workout gear drinking beer. Don't judge me.

...well there it is folks, my husband. I'm pretty impressed. I thought for sure he would say no when I asked him. :)
Now it's your turn!! Go ahead and post about a beer, wine, or cocktail!! Then, come on back and link her up!!!
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  1. I wish my husband would guest post. If by some miracle he did say yes he would say something along the lines of... "This is retarded". He's a real gem :))) haha.

  2. Stopping by from the blog hop! I'm more of a wine and liquor fan than a beer fan.

  3. I am now in the mood for a good beer. lol
    I know you have already been nominated for the Liebster Award, but I nominated you again!! :)

  4. I happen love beer. This one sounds pretty good!