Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ermahgerd!!! The Ivrester Award!!

OK so today Sarah over at Venus Trapped in Mars linked up for Thirsty Thursday. When I checked out her page I saw she had started a new award for bloggers. There was just a little bitterness about not winning the Liebster Award, but I told her it's because she was just too popular!! This new award was called the Ivrester Award and it goes to the best drinkers in blogland!! How freakin amazing, right?!? I mean...who's that genius?!? I know who....Sarah!!

I scrolled through to read her Q&A and see who she choose as nominees and was saddened to not see my name. (See the tear, Sarah?) So...I proceeded to inform her that I was nominating myself!! lol. Out of horrible pity she then emailed me to give me my official nomination. Just go with it. But...she didn't really need to because...

Venus Trapped in Mars

I can't even tell you how amazing I feel right now. First off, I'd like to thank my liver for dealing with me all these years. You've been there for me when I needed it the most. I really appreciate it. 
Then, of course, the big man, Dad. He's the one who really gave me the ability to drink like a whale fish. It comes with some Crooks gene. Thanks for knocking Mom up and passing it on. Awkward
Next I want to thank my husband. That's right, Even though you don't read this. You are the reason I am who I am alcoholic. If it weren't for your nagging, annoying habits I wouldn't be receiving this award. You're the breast. 
And lastly, I can't forget to mention my number one We've been together now for many years...we've had our ups and downs. But through thick or thin you have always been behind me. Er, really in front of me in a glass mixed with Monster. You've caused me long nights and even longer mornings. But through it all I've never lost my love for you. You are my soulmate. My best friend. Here's to many more years together. I love you.

And now on to the good stuff!!

The Rules:
Acknowledge who nominated you (Thanks Beth!! You're awesome!!)
Answer the 10 questions listed below 
Nominate 10 bloggers you think are excellent drinkers. You can't nominate the blog that nominated you 
Don't make any more questions, everyone just answer these questions below.
If you are nominated, just answer the questions and nominate 10 more people. That is it.

1. What is your favorite drinking game and why? Gotta go with good old beer pong. I'm pretty good at it. Unless I'm sober.

2. It is your birthday, what is your idea of the perfect evening? Beth hit the nail on the head. I'd love to spend the day day-drinking maybe out on a boat or at a cookout. The beach even?? Then head to a cute restaurant on the water for some food or get some crabs and start picking!! Then, a relaxing evening sipping cocktails at the dock bar or someone's patio. I came really close to having my perfect birthday 2 years ago. We did all of the above EXCEPT Mike threw me off the jet ski racing my friends Donzi yeah, speeeeed boat on the way back to the marina. Definitely thought I was paralyzed for a sec but turned out I was alive. We still went to the restaurant and drank at the bar, but I was in a lot of pain. Vodka was there for me, however. As usual.

Pretty sure these were from that birthday. Can you tell everyone's drunken stupor??

3. Money is no object, what is your go to drink of choice at a bar? I'd probably just order a ton of top shelf vodka Red Bulls. I'm pretty easy to please. Maybe a couple shots of Patron. 

4. How many times have you played the game "Edward 40 Hands"? OH MY GOD!! NEVER!! I can't really believe it myself, but I feel like it wasn't really a big thing until I was already out of college. Or maybe it was because I went to college in da-na-neer-neer country and all they had was moonshine. It's now on my bucket list.

5. Take this alcohol screening quiz here, what score did you receive? Whew!! I scored a 45%. Well  at least I found out I'm not an alcoholic!! Whoop Whoop!! Cheers to that shit!!

6. What is your favorite memory with Alcohol? Every time Mike and I cruise to Cozumel we do the same thing. Cozumel Bar Hop. It is the best bar hop I have ever been on. Not necessarily because you're crushed at the end of it although, you're crushed at the end of it, but because it goes to the remote part of Cozumel. It's so beautiful and not touristy at all. We're heading there again in August and Mike and I will be hopping for the 4th time!! Drunks for your viewing pleasure...
Hop #1
Hop #2
Hop #3
7. What is your favorite song about drinking? Or song to drink to? I wouldn't say I "drink to" this song, but whenever Thrift Shop comes on Mike and I pretty much stop whatever we're doing and start the gangsta head nod.
head nod gif photo: head nod lyke woah 5b388ca1.gif

8. What is your favorite activity to do while drinking (i.e. boating, bowling, golf, trivia, etc.)? Watch football. Whether it be live or on tv, hands down, I love watching football and getting drunk!! Especially if we lose because then we're already well on our way to misery. Not football season?? Definitely boating. But it's so unattractive when I get the alcohol bloat in my bikini...

9. In your opinion, which is the number one party school in the country and why? West Virginia Wesleyan. Population: 1500. haha. Truthfully, I'm not sure. I would say WVU just because we would go there every once in a while and they were shenanigans!! But I've been out of college for a while now, so...I may be behind the times.

10. When do you know you have had too much to drink? What are your signals? Hmmm...ok, real deal...I get hostile. But only toward Mike. Like I legit hate him. Then, I cry because I was mean to him. If he's not around, the tell tale sign is the room spin. I really don't have many signals that other people can see. I talk a lot but I do that sober. Most people can't tell when I'm really drunk.

And the nominees are...
1. Shannon at Gin and Bare It
4. Chelsee at Southern Beauty Guide
5. Alyssa at Alyssa Said Hi
6. Stephanie at Bourbon and Glitter
7. Sam at Reddy or Knot
8. Nadine at Back East Blonde
9. Robin at Rocking Robin Runs
10. Alicia at Brew Mama

Your turn drunkies!! Do it!!!


  1. Pretty awesome award hehe :) Congrats!

  2. I have never been more excited.. Honestly. I feel like all of my hard work drinking all these years has finally paid off!

  3. Bahahahaha! the head bob during thrift shop. How can you not resist doing that?!
    congrats on your award! :)

  4. GIRLFRIAAAAND! Why you cray cray! :) I'm not worthy of a nomination! My blog is a hot mess because i manage and write sh!t from my phone! HA! Ok, pressures on! Thanks you are too sweet to include me! Also, LOVED. EVERY. ANSWER. IF i'm ever in your Nec' of da Woods we are going out together!!!

  5. Your thank you to your husband has me LOLing. All his nagging, annoying habbits!!! hahaaaa and I agree with you drinking + football = heaven.

  6. First, who doesn't love the gangster head nod! AM I RIGHT?! Pretty sure all the true thugs do it to that song. && beer pong is always better drunk. people who play sober and are good are like unicorns, that stuff just doesn't happen!


  7. Haha! Love this!! We need to party. That is all.

  8. Haha thanks for the nomination girl, and you def need to play edward 40 hands, it's fun and hilarious

  9. Love this award! Thank you for nominating me, I won't let you down! Cheers my friend!

  10. That bar hop looks like vacation perfection! =) Minus the arrest, that is never fun!

    Your newest follower,