Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans!!!

This was a long weekend for me since I took off on Friday. Mike and I were supposed to go to Ocean City for Car Show. Unfortunately, we couldn't go. Last month we decided to book a cruise for August and that would wipe out Mike's vacation time and the extra spending money in our bank account so....we stayed home.

What sucks about that even more was that Mike worked Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night. That meant a whole lot of sitting around for this chick. Boo!!!

I did make the best out of Friday, though. I went SHOPPING!! As I mentioned in last week's Happies and Crappies I came home with 2 new pairs of shoes. And then.....bought another pair yesterday. Haha. The two pairs I got Friday I just couldn't pass up. They were both so cute and I have gift cards for both stores!! So they were pretty much free. Then, the black wedges I bought yesterday from DSW I also had a gift card for so they only cost me 5 bucks!!! Savvy shopper??

Saturday was really uneventful. Mike worked the night before so he slept until about 1:30. I either laid in bed with him or sat on the couch. BORING!! I hate weekends that he works. I tried to lay out and get some sun on this pasty white skin of mine, but...of course it started raining.

I look like this chick....

Then, we went to the gym and Mike took me on a new running path. We ran through a small path in the woods with roots and mounds of dirt which took you to a paved path halfway around a ball field, and finally packed mulch for the rest of the circle til you got pack to the dirt path through the woods. Whew!! And by the time I got back to those woods, I couldn't pick my feet up high enough to get over the roots. I didn't bust it, thank God. But, when I got back to the start and asked Mike how long it was he told me about .75 miles. NOT WORTH IT!! I'll stick to my smooth pavement from now on. 

We put the air conditioners in on Saturday. My totally awesome husband let me pick out the duct tape to go around it. So...I picked out this!! Funny thing is Mike actually was the one to point it out. I think I might be rubbing off on him. :)

Sunday was the most perfect day EVER!! Mike and I had a Date Day. With him working every other weekend we have to do that a lot. 

We started off with sushi from my favorite place on Kent Island, Cafe Sado. They always have their rolls buy one get one free and they are sooooo good.

Then, we drove to Waugh Chapel, which recently is our favorite place to watch movies. It's over an hour away, but it's worth it. The Towne Center is amazing. We got there a little early so we stopped at the liquor store and picked up a little something to pass our time. 

Yes, I'm in my car. Don't judge me...we're parked. This beer is really good!! More malty with a crisp finish. Anywhooooo...then we went and saw Star Trek in IMAX 3D. Mike and I are firm believers that if you're going to watch a movie like that in 3D, pay the extra $5 for IMAX. AMAZEBALLS!!! 

The day ended perfectly with a stop at Qdoba!! I had a Qdoba when I lived in Va Beach but there isn't one around us. This one just opened in the Towne Center. At the beginning of the movie there was an advertisement saying if you bring your movie ticket you get free nachos and cheese with the purchase of an entree. Mike and I shared a buritto with the nachos and it was wonderful!! Ugh, I miss Qdoba.

Oops, almost forgot...Sunday morning I woke up and went for a run!! Made it even farther this time and it was really windy and hilly!! 1.17 miles in 12:23!!

Whew, that was a long one. twss. Head on over and link up on Sami's blog with your own Shenanigan's!!

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  1. new shoes are ALWAYS a good thing :)

  2. sounds like a fun weekend - sometimes it's nice to kinda do nothing and relax a bit! and those shoes you got are super cute. new follower from sami's linkup :)
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  3. Those wedges are adorable!!! Such a good find!

  4. Now I want Qdoba and to go to DSW. Cute shoes!

  5. Hahahaha that irish sunbathing girl picture gets me EVERY TIME.

  6. Oh my, I feel you girl! My husband works every other weekend as well. Sometimes I really love those weekends by myself (get so much done) and other times, they are soooo boring!

    Haha, that sunbathing picture cracked me up! Too funny!

  7. It sounds like a pretty awesome weekend, gratz on the impending vacation!
    I also loved the sunbathing picture as I'm a ginger. :)

    Mei @ Diary of a Fair Weather Diver

  8. Love those shoes and the duct tape!! And that sunbathing picture is hilarious!