Thursday, August 22, 2013


Thank God it's THIRSTY THURSDAY!!! This one is much needed!!

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As you all know we have been super busy these last three weeks. Mike got the Uhaul and moved almost our entire house yesterday. Luckily, I was at work so I got to skip that part. lol. Sorry babe!! Not like you read this. asshole. But that means lots of stress and therefore, lots of dranks!!

I'd like to think I made this up all by myself but I'm sure I had the influence from someone. Oh well...I'll claim it. 

On the cruise ships they always have awesome deals on bottles of liquor. Unfortunately, you aren't allowed to take them back to your room until the night before the cruise is over. So...don't get yourselves excited. lol. 

This cruise was no different. They sold liters for the typical price of fifths. $13.99 for a liter of Smirnoff. and Bacardi was 2 for $19.99. So, as a thank you I bought my brother and sis-in-law a bottle of Bacardi Oakheart and myself some Bacardi Torched Cherry. I hadn't had it before but figured I could figure something out. 

And boy did I?!?! Super easy, as eush, and so've got to try it!!

Drunken Cherry Pop
(Git ya minds out the gutta!!)

1 part Torched Cherry Bacardi Rum
2 parts Coke-Cola
(Or however you want to mix it, it was a rough week...)

DONE!! Tastes just like Cherry Coke!!

Let me know what you think?!?!

Now it's your turn....go lank that drank!!
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  1. haha druken cherry pop..I honestly didn't get it until I read the comment below! Thats classic though! :)

  2. I don't have a drank, but can absolutely sympathize with moving stress. Seens the whole blog land is moving, huh?

  3. YUMMM!!! This sounds like a drink I would definitely go for. I'm going to have to try it!

  4. This is one of the most delicious drinks ever. And, I've discovered, if your bar doesn't have cherry booze, you can ask for spiced rum, Coke, and grenadine. Not a bad alternative.

  5. My favorite coke is a real vanilla Coke, not that canned crap Coca-Cola came out with 15 years ago. I guess I'll have to find vanilla alcohol of some sort. Thanks for the idea!

  6. I love this! I used to get it all the time at one of the bars we went to in college.