Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Save money on textbooks?!? Yes please!!

This one's for all you college "kids" out there!!

Did you know you can actually rent your textbooks?? I mean are those things really something you want to spend hundreds of dollars on just to put in some box in the attic when you're done?? I think maybe not. 

With CampusBookRentals.com you actually have the opportunity to rent your textbooks. RENT!! I mean lets be honest...some of them we don't even open. Come on....you know I'm right! There isn't even a crease in the spine. They're just oversized bookcase decorations. Why would you want to pay tons of money for those?!? Go to Campus Book Rentals and rent them for 40-90% off the regular price and free shipping both ways!!

I know what you're thinking..."I won't be able to use them like a normal textbook!!" WRONG!! You can highlight to your hearts desire!! And think about that in the long run...that means someone else might have highlighted in it, too. Umm...that sounds like less work for me!! Yes please!! God knows I have enough to do!!

But....what if I decided I wanted to take an extended semester?? Or maybe the college parties were a little too much fun that semester and I had to take the class a bit longer than expected?? No problems!! With CampusBookRentals.com you can choose your rental period. So...it's up to you how long you have the book.

OK, so here's the kicker...

Let's say you already have a ton of books that you don't want. (Like those ones with the spine still smooth??) Campus Book Rentals now has a new program called RentBack. With RentBack you can now rent those textbooks to other students and make money for it!! Why the hell wouldn't you do this?!?! Umm hello?? That means more money to buy the ingredients for all those delicious Thirsty Thursday drinks you've been eyeing up!! (*wink wink*)

And for a little extra incentive...although I'm not sure why you would need any...a donation is made to Operation Smile with every textbook rented from CampusBookRentals.com. Umm Hellerrrrr...awesome!!

Any questions...just watch this video and then head over to CampusBookRentals.com to talk to read more about it!!

Now go rent some books!!
Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by CampusBookRentals.com


  1. Renting books is really great, and super cheap. As a senior I know my fair share, haha. I haven't heard of this brand before, def going to check them out.

    xo. Kailagh

  2. Great post! This seems to get a great company!