Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Drink On This!! (Guest Post)

Today Goober and I are in Roatán, Honduras. If you've never been to Honduras you MUST go. It's so beautiful. Pulling into port this morning we passed by several sunken ships. It's so awesome to see. I'll make sure to post pictures when I get back!! 

It's Thirsty Wednesday!! Stephanie is getting it started a little early this week. Don't forget to stop by tomorrow and link up your own recipes for Thirsty Thursday. Everyone who links up the entire month of August will get some free ad space from me!! And don't forget I won't be there tomorrow so add your links to Twitter, too, so everyone else can see them!!

** Stephanie has just changed her blog name to Be So Happy. Go check her out!! **
Hey y'all, I'm Stephanie and I blog over at Drink On It. Kristin was nice enough to let me take over her blog today, so I hope I don't bore y'all!
A little about me and the blog: I am a twenty-something Missouri gal living the single life with my cute pup. I enjoy things like: cheese fries, Blake Shelton, Grey's Anatomy, all things teal, and sweet tea. Also, as I am sure you can tell from the name of my blog...I also enjoy adult beverages. ;)
Here's a face to go with the name...and my pup, of course.
Since Kristin does the Thirsty Thursday link up, I figured I'd share some of my favorite adult beverages with y'all today.
First fave go to drink is mango flavored Malibu rum. I can drink this a few different ways. 
1. On Ice. Not kidding, this stuff is so smooth that I can just drink it on ice.
2. Mixed with Gatorade. Any flavor will due. It will still just taste like Gatorade, but you'll feel the kick eventually. ;)
3. Mixed with Sunny Delight. Again, tastes just like Sunny D. Sometimes I'm just in the mood for Sunny D over Gatorade.
Next up is cosmopolitans. I loooove these. As a matter of fact, I am going to buy some cosmo mix today. Thanks for reminding me. ;)

My go to drink when I am out is a tequila sunrise. Soooo good! Especially when they put all the fruit in them.

And last, but certainly not least, beer. I love me some beer. Perfect for...well any day.
If you wanna know more about me...or Walter...stop on by! We'd love to have y'all and make sure you stay awhile!!
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