Monday, August 12, 2013

Not Entirely Peeved!! (Guest Post)

It's Monday!! We boarded the ship Saturday and yesterday we had our first "Fun Day at Sea". I actually love these days because after the drive and stress of getting on the ship it's nice to relax. The luggage experience is always an interesting one because Mike and I smuggle on alcohol every time. We stress all day until our luggage arrives at our stateroom. Fingers crossed for us that we didn't have to go to "The Naughty Room" on Saturday. lol.

Today we're pulling into Cozumel. Mike and I have been here several times before. Our favorite thing to do is the Cozumel Bar Hop. You HAVE to go if you are ever here. It is so much fun and absolutely a gorgeous trip!! There is a free shot at every bar and the food is awesome!! Maybe I'll do a little post about it some time. :)

I'm so bummed because this time we couldn't get any other people to join us. We are the only cruise ship in port today so the only option we had was to try to convince people through a forum we are on. There are restrictions on where we can even post on the forum so we gave up. At the time of me writing this we still haven't decided what we are going to do. I guess it will be a surprise when we get back and I write my review!!

Stephanie from Not Entirely Perfect is taking over the blog today. She's got a few things on her mind so be prepared to burn some calories the easiest way ever...laughing!!


let's be honest here - you aren't really interested in who i am or why i'm here, are you?  nope?  i knew it.  ok then, we'll just jump right in and entertain you instead - with 8 of my pet peeves.

bike riders in the city.  (in chicago at least)  you are all horrible.  i could take an entire post on all the awful things you do, and you know what they are.  i daydream about swinging my passenger side door open when i see you coming, leading you to hit it or swerve and fall.

walking like you drive.  stopping dead in the middle of the sidewalk during rush hours to text on your phone or something as equally ridiculous is unacceptable and i will, in fact, run smack into you at full speed.  stepping two feet to the side so people can pass is not rocket science.  also, speeding up to get in front of me, then slowing down - also guaranteed to get you run into. 

the umbrella song.  rhianna, um-ba-rella, is not a word.  and while we're at it, i would appreciate the entire world stop playing moves like jagger.

smacking your gum.  i cannot tell you how quickly i will smack you if you smack your gum just one more time.  it's not just loud chewing, it's that purposeful smack smack smack sound like a cow chewing cud.  you really have to try to sound that loud.

repetitive complaining.  you cannot complain about said job every. single. day.  oh you hate your job?  there's a support group for that.  it's called everyone, they meet at the bar. 

nicki minaj.  yeah, i'm sure that's not even how you spell it but she's annoys me so much that i'm not even going to look it up.

lines and traffic.  i will never wait in line, for anything, and i don't understand traffic.  nothing is worth waiting in a long line for, and traffic wouldn't exist if people knew how to merge and change lanes correctly.

jay cutler.  i'm on this bandwagon too.  i don't like him.  a poll voted him the least liked player in the nfl, or maybe just quarterbacks, but either way - seriously jay, you got a lower likeabilty rating than michael vick.  how do you feel about that?  the public hates you more than a known dog murderer.

why do you look like this, all the time?  you make 8 million dollars a year to play football.  you're married to kristin cavalleri and she had your baby.  your life is not that hard, you whiny little crab pants.  go try hockey.

well i can't be the only one - what are your pet peeves?

oh and i blog at not entirely perfect.  should you care to visit, i'd love to have you.


  1. Yay, thanks for having me Kristin!

  2. Ugh, traffic!!!! YES! How do people who have been driving since they were 16 STILL not know how to merge?! How do they NOT see all the fifty billion HUGE signs that say construction ahead and then have to get over at the LAST minute!? I'm not letting you over, line cutter!

  3. How come people dont know how to use their blinker? Are we suppose to assume that we know which way they are going to go. What about telemarketers that call at late night hours of the night. Or those people who know you but yet when they see you they turn their head and pretend to not see you. So you then speak to them just b/c you know they dont want you too. I could go on.