Friday, August 02, 2013

It's Friday!!! An apology and a GIVEAWAY!!

First off, I have to apologize to a ton of my followers/readers. I try so hard to respond to everyone's comments and really love to try to create a relationship with each and every one of you.

My phone, however, must feel differently...

Yesterday, I sent a message while in a dead-ish zone. So a while later I checked to see if it had gone through. I saw next to it it said "Failure". Then, I noticed the one below it said "Failure", too. And the one below that, and below that, and below that, and....

It went all the way to the beginning of July and possibly even farther. I'm so pissed!! 

So, on behalf of my phone, I'd like to apologize to everyone who has been waiting for emails from me or did not get a response to a comment you left on my blog. I think it's time for my upgrade...


Stephanie over at Drink On It has a 500 Follower Giveaway going on right now. Make sure you head over and check out her blog, but you can enter right here!! It's for $130 in Paypal CASH so get to it!!

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  1. i'd buy a curling want from amazon!

  2. I'd put it towards our wedding fund!

  3. Yikes to your phone!!! Get an iPhone ;)

  4. I'd use it towards my daughter's 5th birthday party next month.

  5. I would def. pay some of my bills. Yikes..I hate this happened to you I have the same issue sometimes!

  6. Dead zone suck. But then again I havent had a smart phone in 3 yrs so I dont deal with that. cheaper to go prepaid but then when it's time to have new minutes for the month I panic. :(

  7. That is awful! My phone did that to me once and it was me trying to email this women about a job. When I never heard back from her, I was bummed cause I figured I didn't get it. Turns out my email never even got to her. So I feel your pain.

    Paulina- found you via Drink it ons giveaway!
    Color Me Brave

  8. hope your phone works now!!!

    This money would help me be a little selfish and get a new otterbox case for my i5