Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Dog Hair and Groceries!! (Guest Post)

It's Tuesday!! Today we are in Belize!! 

It's our second time here and we love it!! In Belize we do the cave tubing tours. That's right friends!! We're drifting down a lazy river through dark caves!! It's so freakin awesome!! The only thing I'm missing is a drank! Oh well, we'll get that as soon as we get back on the ship.

Belize is super awesome. Belize City is a little shady in itself but on our hour long bus ride to the caves we pass through 3 different ecosystems and get to see some gorgeous sites. They also take us to a cute picnic spot to try "something that tastes like chicken". Mike won't eat it, but I'm pretty adventurous. Pretty sure it's iguana. But it's good!!

Adriana is taking over the blog today!! She's got the only grocery list you will ever need!! #1 is a definite!!


Hey you guys! While Kristin is off having way too much fun on vaca I will be working and being jealous.

I'm Adriana and I blog over at Dog Hair Is An Accessory. I blog about all sorts of things but I am in NO capacity a "healthy blogger." Typically I blog about being super inactive, eating a whole bunch and drinking too much. BUT in order to keep up that glamourous lifstyle, I have to do something on a regular basis that I wish I never had to- go grocery shopping.

I'm so bad at it. If I don't have a list I wander around like a lost puppy and come home with items that can't be put together in ANY way to make a meal. For example, I came home after an hour and a half grocery trip and ended up with a jumbo bottle of olive oil, a dozen cookies, mushrooms, 1 bell pepper, pasta sauce (no pasta) and an ice cube tray. Hopeless, I know.

So I have decided (since I have to go grocery shopping in the next 2 days or starve) to make a universal list of things you should ALWAYS have in your fride and/or cabinets so you can be a happy camper when you get home from work.
1 wine
2 pops cereal
3 dino shaped chicken nugs
4 hummus
5 triscuts
6 mac & cheese
7 bite size snickers
8 tots
9 condiments: sauces, dressings etc
10 cheese

So why these items? You have everything covered! You have your beverages, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and desserts. I mean, if you live with anyone else then they have to figure it out for themselves but this is all a person really needs. Plus you can totally buy in bulk and only have to go shopping like 4 times a year. WIN. Also, basically no cooking involved, which is another win since my domesticity is  l a c k i n g.

So you're welcome for that and you should come visit / follow / stalk me everywhere!


  1. Belize! So jealous!!!! Adriana, your grocery list definitely has the essentials.

  2. ahhh I want to go to belize! please post pics upon your return! also I love that list ...i could live off those items for sure.