Friday, June 28, 2013

Orioles Magic!!

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So yes...I'm a huge football fan and it definitely reigns over baseball, but I LOVE baseball season. Those pants?!?! What?!?! Yes please!! I have been going to Orioles games since I was a baby. My husband and I try to make it to a few a summer. Last year was AWESOME!! 
While I've always been an Orioles fan and always watched the games, they would usually be just background sound to whatever else I was doing. Mainly because I never expected them to win in the first place. 

But last year was so much fun. I mean we made it to Playoffs!!! Mike and I went to the last game against the Yankees as Camden Yards. I think it was game 3?? So much fun. And please tell me where all those Orioles fans came from? Can we say fair weather fans?!?!

Truth is, whether they win or lose, I'll always love the Orioles...because Natty Boh and Nick Markakis's ass in a pair of baseball pants are two things I could never live without.

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  1. LOVE THIS POST!!! I grew up a O's fan and totally loved Dempsey during rain delays and Brady Anderson was my future husband!!!! Go O's They are my AL team!!

  2. Gosh I am so dreading the demise of Google reader!! I hope you are having a great weekend!