Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Life with a Night Shifter

No, I'm not talking about a "shifter" like Sam Merlotte. Although that would be pretty freakin' awesome!!

I'm talking about working night shift. My husband is a Correctional Officer. For the last 4 years he has worked on the night shift 15 days a month, 12 hours a day. While I have to admit it sucks, it actually works for us. Nothing like having a husband you hardly ever get to see or sleep with. It's kinda like the single life, only without the drunken flirting or possibility of finding your future boyfriend. Which means no fun!! But you still have someone to come home to and pay your bills. 

Mike's Officer Graduation!!
Mike's shift starts at 7:45. During the school year that gives me just enough time to make and eat dinner before he has to head in. He gets home around 8 the next morning which means I have already been on the road for about half of my hour long drive to school. Then, that night we do it all over again. The days that really suck are the ones where I have meetings after school. In those cases I usually won't see Mike for 2 days.

Every other weekend he works Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. You know what that means!! 

Partay Time!! 

Errrrr, it means I sit at home by myself and read blogs and fun Facebook status updates while I drank beer. Thank God I have you all here to entertain me. I might actually get up off my lazy ass and go to a bar if not. Thankfully, we have a kegerator. And that would mean I would have to put effort into the way I look. I can't stand trying to look good. No one can judge my outfit from behind a computer screen. :)

The weekends, however, are the worst. Since he works nights it means he sleeps days. And when Mike sleeps all day, Kristin usually sleeps all day. It's just so hard to get up and do anything worthwhile when you know how comfy and cuddly he is up there in bed. I used to get up and clean or watch tv. Some days I might even go in town to the Farmer's Market or take a shopping trip with my mom. But not anymore. And I'm such a good wife I usually won't even go out on the boat on weekends he has to work so he doesn't get jealous!!

But with all that said, it's not too bad. Arguments never last and the nights that we do get to sleep together we cherish. At the beginning of our relationship it seemed like the nights I would spend the night were so special. We still get to have that feeling. 

Truth is when you don't get to spend all your free time with the one you love, you treasure the time you do get to spend with them.


  1. I see you with your Brew2Go!

  2. I couldn't agree more! Spending the little time we do have together is important. My husband is an investigator and works a job where he works days, but may have to stay through the night in an emergency, so I treasure the time we spend together.

  3. you are a cute couple!!! It must be hard though.

  4. You are too cute together! I love the brew 2go..I bet that it is super hard with that schedule. Haha I may need you to pass me a list of blog that entertain you so that I can partake in the fun. My social life is lame these days lol

  5. I love my alone time a lot. That's a hard schedule though!

    I also hate trying to look good...or even presentable.

  6. My husband was a third shifter for 2 years in IT- so I know the feeling!! Weekends could definitely get a little lonely when he was sleeping ALL day! Was right there with you on many nights of beers alone...though I wish I had been a blogger then to give me something else to pass the time!

  7. I remember when my husband worked the night shift it was kind of nice to come home to a quite house but it sucked going to sleep alone. Isn't that the whole point of this marriage thing...to never have to sleep alone? lol

  8. I work shift work and can totally relate - the first 5 or so years of our marriage I was on night work 630 pm to 7 am. So I understand... But I have been on day work 630am to 7 pm for 5 years.

  9. awe. absence makes the heart grow fonder. and its only making you two stronger. I love your relationship. You guys are too cute

  10. I just found your blog, and I love it! My man is a police officer, and he works nights, so I know exactly how you feel!! Its so weird going to bed by yourself!! I really cant wait to read more!!