Friday, June 07, 2013

We Put a Ring on that 'Ish...Superbowl Style!!

So today I'm linking up with the ever so fabolous Sarah over at Venus Trapped in Mars. So much talk about her lately....CUZ SHE'S AWESOME!!

She's been busy!! Last week she started the Ivrester Award...which, of course, I won!! Duh!! And.....she started a new linkup called Fan Friday. Well...since I didn't get really serious about this blog until after football season, you guys might not know that I am a 

You know...the guys that WON THE SUPERBOWL?!?! Beetchezzz!!!

OK, sorry. I'll calm down.

Truth is, I'm not really sure when I became a Ravens fan. I can remember deciding I wanted to cheer in high school because that would allow me to go to every football game without having to come up with excuses for my parents to drive me. My parents weren't really football fans. But somehow those gorgeous purple uniforms got me hooked.

I forced my parents to watch Superbowl XXXV. I actually had a take home test I had to do during it. Who the hell does that?? I wish I remembered what class it was for so I could bitch out the teacher right now.

It eventually became that I would watch the games in my bedroom, alone. lol. And in college my roommate would often come into my room to find out what all the screaming was about. lol. I went to school in West Virginia, you see, and I had the unfortunate privilege of being surrounded by Squeelers fans. I'm just kidding, not really. so I still had no one to watch the games with. When games didn't come on I would sit for hours refreshing my screen as I watched the play-by-play. But still....I never missed a game. :)

After much searching, I finally found the fan man I knew was meant for me. My first birthday we spent together he surprised me by taking me to North Carolina to watch the Ravens vs Panthers game. It was magnificent. We won.

We even had a "Ravens" themed wedding. 
Don't worry, it wasn't all crazy and 'ish like people do with camo. are a few pics to help you visualize who we are.
That's right...we rocked our shit on our cruises, too!!

And, for your viewing pleasure, a video of the final play of Superbowl XLVII.

I hope that helped put us into perspective. We are Ravens fans. Our blood is purple. Unless you catch us during baseball season...then you might see some orange.....

Venus Trapped in Mars


  1. You stop it right now. A Ravens wedding?????? That. Is. Awesome.

  2. I absolutely LOVE it!! We had thought about doing a baseball themed wedding, but everyone kept telling us it's a wedding not a 7 years bday party. I wish I would have told them to leave us alone, but super cool about yours. soo jealous!!

  3. Bahaha- I went to Ohio University- which had a pretty even split between Browns, Bengals and Steelers fans. But the Steelers fans were definitely the I can totally sympathize with you on that one!

  4. This is awesome haha.
    I love that you themed your wedding!
    Coming over from the bloghop!

  5. so awesome. a sports wedding is my dream! corn hole is a must have at any and every event! found you blog hopping from the link-up :]

  6. Love that you had a Ravens wedding... How cute are you all!!!

  7. I just found our blog and my hubs and I are die hard ravens fans too!! We're born and raised in Baltimore!! I love love love your wedding theme!