Thursday, April 04, 2013

Super AWESOME News!!!!

      This is not a post about me. It is about two of the most amazing people I have ever had the pleasure of having in my life, and their super AWESOME news!!!

      Tonight I got home from the gym and logged on to Facebook, as usual, while I waited for the shower to heat up. The first post was a status update from one of my best friends from college.

She and her husband are ADOPTING!!! 
     Now, in most cases for them you would think that meant an animal. Amanda is a vet. I can't count how many pets they have and foster. But, to my excitement, they meant a human!! A real life human child!!

     Amanda and Adam are the sweetest, most caring, freakin amazingly smart people I know. Amanda and I met the first day of college. Never would I have guessed that she would end up being such an important part of my life. College was completely foreign to me. I knew not one person, nor was there anyone there that lived remotely close to my hometown. Going to college in West Virginia, I was 6 hours from home and in a major culture shock.

     Amanda was a little of a tomboy (love you!!) and didn't do things like wear make-up or dresses. Not necessarily that I did, but I liked to dress up and look "cute"(I have never considered myself "hot", but I try). She was more of a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl. Her dorm room was diagonal from mine so on the first day we introduced ourselves. Little did I know it was the start of a life-long friendship.

     Over the first year we became so close. Her family didn't live that far away so we would often meet up with them or go to her hometown. It gave me a home away from home. We had many adventures over our years together. Going "up the holler" for bonfires, BOOBIES!!!!, making The Works bombs, playing the "turn" game (we made this up to see how lost we could get in da-na-neer-neer country). There is one night in particular we often talk about. We have dubbed it "THE NIGHT FROM HELL". lol.
A montage of "THE NIGHT FROM HELL"

Short version: We went up the holler to the house of a boy Amanda had class with. 
When we got there two older people were there. The lady told me I was "built like a brick shithouse". 
I was gearing up to tell her what I thought about her until I was told that was a compliment. 
She played with my hair all night, told me I looked just like her daughter (Cheyanne) 
and that I should date her son (weird). The old man forgot to zip his fly and we all got a 
little show from that. I shot a gun. We burned a microwave cart. 
Got harrassed a little more by the da-na-neer-neers. The end.


   The summer after my sophomore year, I lost my dad. He had a very rare disease called Amyloidosis. I came back to school 2 weeks after dad passed and it was really rough. Amanda and her roommate Devin would often let me come hang out when I was home alone. They knew it would help to be around people. That year Adam and Amanda really hit it off and started hanging out a lot more. She would invite him over and we played Drunken Cranium. It was awesome that year to see their relationship bloom. Amanda started wearing more girly things. We even got her to put on make-up!!

Love is in the air....everywhere I look around... 

     They were an awesome couple. Both so focused on their studies, smart, and motivated. Plus, Adam was really funny when he was drunk. lol. (love you too!!) Adam was a year behind us so when we graduated all of us hoped for the best in their relationship.

     Fast forward to 4 years later. 

     I was honored to be a part of their wedding. It was a gorgeous day and they were married in our college chapel. Everything was so beautiful. Amanda was gorgeous!! She even wore heels!!

     Last summer Mike and I got married. I had the honor of having Amanda as a bridesmaid in my wedding as well. I couldn't have imagined her not sharing in my special day with me.

Amanda and Adam,
     The child you are about to get is going to be the luckiest child in the world. He or she will have two incredible parents who will teach them how to love and live. There are no two people in this world who are as inspiring as you. You are so deserving of such an amazing gift. I love you both more than words. I can't wait to meet your sweet child. And maybe corrupt them with stories of your past. :)
     Love you. Miss you. XOXO


The Works bombs. lol. We were rebels!!

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