Thursday, March 21, 2013

One step forward, three back...

     This has been such an unhealthy week for me. Both my aunt's birthday and Mike's birthday were this week. The celebrations have been fun, but definitely not healthy.

     On Saturday we had some of Mike's friends over for the GSP vs. Diaz fight and his birthday. Taylor (who is Mike's best friends girlfriend) and I decided that we were going to cheat (hard core) and just make what we felt like....bad decision.

Oops, I forgot to mention that on Friday night Taylor and Tyler came over to watch Maryland whoop up on Duke. We were disgusting that night. Mega fries (fries packed with cheese and bacon) and a Cheeseteak Stromboli dripping in grease. I was even so disgusting that I dredged my fries in the grease, too. GO TERPS!! Boo grease...

     Taylor made some AMAZING "Crack Brownies" or so we dubbed them. It's a chocolate chip cookie topped with a Reese's cup topped with an Oreo and covered in brownie batter. Ummmm...can you say cardiac arrest?? But, they were amazing. I was good, however, and only ate one. But that one was sooo delicious!!
     I made my go-to (and Mike's favorite) Buffalo Chicken Dip. Then, I found a recipe for Cowboy Caviar (which I hope to post later) and paired that with some lovely tortilla chips. And finally, we made some coconut shrimp, another of Mike's favorites. Not to mention the pizza, jelly beans, and another dessert that our other couples brought. :)
     The night was a very fun night. I think I owe some of that to the GSP win (everyone else was a Diaz fan) and the Vodka Monster, my go-to drink. I really want to figure out a healthier drink for my weekends. I think alcohol may be one of my problems with losing weight. Not that I get drunk all the time but I love a good glass of wine or a beer or two while making dinner and eating. It helps me relax. (Mike had a take a psych test in order to become a CO. He tells me this is a red flag. lol. I say "boo you".)

     On Sunday we celebrated my Aunt's birthday at my brother's house. Mike and I had spent the day in bed recovering and got up only to pee and eat. My brother's house is always so fun. I am so in love with my niece and nephew. They are probably the funniest people I know. Now that they are in day care they say and do the darndest things.
     Logan took Mike back to the bedroom to organize his diapers,  he loves the Oscar ones, and then brought them out to show all of us. Somehow in the chaos that is Auntie and Uncle Mike, Logan's pants fell down. Of course we all laughed which provoked Addy to moon us as well. What a lady :) They get that from their father....hand's down. Logan went to get his potty and decided he was going to try it out. Unfortunately, no luck yet, but it was so fun to watch him get excited and try. Addy was also soooo excited for her brother. She kept telling him, "You know what you get if you go pee-pee? You get a Reese's Pieces!! Go Logan Go!!". Such a mom.
     Dinner was lasagna. I loaded up my salad and skipped the cake trying to compensate for the night before. Strawberry cake too, my favorite. :( The whole family sang "Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar" about 17 times. Addy was very adamant about who stole the cookies.

     Tuesday night we celebrated Mike's birthday again, only this time at his parent's house. Mike had a craving for ham, cabbage, and potatoes so that's what we had along with some cornbread and green beans. I actually found out that it wasn't that bad for you. Sirena (Mike's mom) boiled everything only in water and little broth. It certainly tasted amazing, however. I'm sure the vanilla cake with chocolate icing wasn't healthy...but it was gooooood!!

     Last night was Mike's "real" birthday. I wanted to do something special because, although we had already celebrated twice, it was his actual birthday. So, I spent the morning coming up with a plan for dinner. I had originally wanted to make it healthy, but I also wanted to be 100% certain that it tasted good. So, I kinda splurged on this one. We had bruschetta for an appetizer and then the main meal was: steak and shrimp with a garlic cream sauce, twice baked potato casserole, and an asian vegetable medley. For dessert we had bread pudding with a vanilla cream sauce. The bread pudding was amazing!! I took a pic but it's not that great. I might decide to put it on the blog anyway, though.

     So....all this brings me to my post title. One step forward, three back. I started working out in January. I haven't been paying too close attention to the scale because I know I have been putting on a ton of muscle. In 3 months I have lost about 6 pounds. I weighed myself this morning. In one week, I put back on 3 pounds. Back to Beastmode!!

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