Monday, April 15, 2013

Inches, not Pounds...

I think this should be my mantra.

I have been working my tail off (literally) for the last 4 months and have seen such little progress on the scale. When I started working out in January I weighed about 152ish. I say "ish" because it depended on the scale. Mike and I purposefully do not own a scale. For a while I used the one at the gym until I realized it was totally wrong. Sometimes Mike sneaks me into the mens locker room so I can use that one because it's pretty acurate. But it wasn't until about a month after I started this lifestyle change that I realized there was an official medical scale in room across from my classroom. Duh!

So I have been working out 4-6 days a week for 4 months now. I generally run (elliptical) for 25-40 minutes depending on the day's events at a steady pace of about 7.5-8 mph. Then, my partner and I go and lift. Now, my husband (who, if you have read, is a gymaholic) created our workout plan. In my older days of working out long long ago I was a machine whore. I would use whatever machine I felt like using that day. I never worked on one particular muscle group or lifted anything except maybe a 10 lb. dumbell. Now, since The Goober (Mike) has been helping me, we do "real" lifting. By that, I just mean we do the same stuff they do; deadlifts, barbell squats, smith machine calf raises, etc.

Point? I feel like I have been gaining a ton of muscle. This is the only reason the scale is not discouraging to me.

When I weighed myself this morning I was the same as I have been for the last 3 weeks. 146 lbs.

I am not, however, discouraged. Yay me!! I have for once in my life listened to what everyone says about  inches, not pounds. Overall, I feel better. I can fit into my clothes easier. I don't cringe when I look at myself naked.

And...the best part...My Goober tells me all the time "You're getting so skinny!!". I love him...

Mike hates this pic...don't tell him I put it on here. hehe.

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