Thursday, April 11, 2013

This is going to be inappropriate....

For the last 24 hours I feel as though I have only stopped crying at moments when I'm asleep or teaching. My heart bleeds for the bestie and her boyfriend's friends and family. So...I thought I needed to post about something that lifts me up.


If you have not yet seen this movie, you should. If for nothing else than one scene maybe two which will have you laughing so hard you won't need the workout that day. Fortunately for you, I'm going to try to embed it in this post. So maybe you won't need to go see it???

In this movie, Paul Rudd a favorite and Jennifer Aniston GORGEOUS!! have to move out of their downtown NYC "loft" apartment and in with Paul's brother. On their way they decide to stop at a Bed and Breakfast for the night. Long story short, the place turns out to be a hippie commune and they decide to stay. Being a part of this commune, they are required to have an open relationship. The following scene is when it comes time for Paul to go and sleep with another woman...

OH EM GEE!! Get's me every time. Sad to say my workout partner, Taylor, and I recite phrases from this scene constantly as we work out. Pretty sure everyone there thinks were nuts, and definitely unsophisticated. Oh well....

OK so, if you like that, watch the whole movie. There is another scene in the bedroom with the chick he's "fixins to" fluck. Sorry, just found out my aunt reads this. Had to censor. :) Love you Aunt Ellie!!



  1. I heard from friends that Wanderlust is worth a watch. I haven't watch this yet, but I will. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Definitely worth the watch. This is absolutely hilarious!!