Friday, April 26, 2013

Ballmer Bucket List...Check 1

First off let me say, yes I know it's not "tomorrow". Oh well...

So...Tuesday and Wednesday I had the opportunity to go to my favorite teaching conference, MSET (Maryland Society for Education Technology). This conference is 2 days and takes place in Baltimore, MD. It used to be tailored more to technology based teachers, supervisors, etc but it has now kind-of changed identities. Unfortunately, I'm not all for the change because there are less workshops tailored for me as a technology teacher and are now more centered around STEM and regular ed teachers.

The nice thing, however, is that I get set up for the night in downtown Baltimore...A.K.A. Ballmur

Besides this conference, I have never had the opportunity to stay the night in Baltimore. We go to Baltimore all the time for games and events, but we always have to drive home afterwards. This time I decided I was going to make the best out of this trip and knock some things off my Baltimore Bucket List.

Mike and I LOVE Diner's Drive-In's and Dives on the Food Network. Mike might be a little in love with Guy Fieri. I'm not hatin'.  So when my friend suggested we go to Joe Squared for lunch I was all in!!

Joe's is known for their square outside-the-box pizza. They will put anything you want on their pizzas without question. The restaurant we went to was located at Power Plant Live, not the same location they went to on the show. 

I'm sad to say, I did not order pizza. Truthfully, they were a little expensive and I knew we had a long two days ahead of us. (We only get reimbursed $10 for lunch *sigh*) I did, however, order the chicken chesapeake sandwich which was delish! I ended up taking it off the ciabatta roll ugh, my favorite and mixing it in with the salad they give you as a side. *healthy eating fist pump!!!* 

My partner designed his own pizza: meatballs, prosciutto, romano, mozzarella, and corn. *people's eyebrow raise* I was a little nervous about that one, but it looked amazing. He said it was absolutely delicious. 

We also each had a pint of Sweet Baby Jesus. Come again.... Sweet Baby Jesus is a chocolate peanut butter stout from DuClaw Brewery. I'm sure it's named that way because that's the first thing that comes out of your mouth after a sip. This beer is amazeballs!! 

This receipt made us laugh so hard.

Joe Squared is also amazing because it had my favorite beer of all time which I can never find around here Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat. You have got to try it!!

After lunch my partner and I headed back to the conference for some more workshops, then headed to our hotel room. 
I had a friend come in for the night to go see the O's game and help me check number 2 off my Ballmer Bucket List!!

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  1. Oh my gosh! I love all of your bucket list items because they give me fun ideas of stuff to do in Baltimore!