Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hashtag Humpday

It's finally starting to get warmer outside. Thank God!! Yesterday it was like 60º and we opened all the windows and sliding glass door so we could heat up the inside. read that right, heat up the inside. It was colder in here then it was outside. Hey...I'll take it. No complaining here. #givemewarmweatherandcocktails #itstimeforporchdrankin

Saturday night I sprained my ankle. Yup. And....I was sober. We were hanging out at my friend's new house and got a phone call about 2 minutes after we left. He locked himself out. So, the two drunk men proceeded to pull out the ladder and try every second floor window he had. Unfortunately, the house is still a construction zone so there are tire tracks and holes everywhere. Also unfortunate that we had gotten about 10 inches of snow the day before, so those tracks and holes were covered in snow. My foot just happened to find one. I'm a gimp. Boo. #someonebuymevodka #vodkamakesmehappy #didntevengetgoodpainpills #booyouwhore

Who watched The Bachelorette finale?!?!?! Not this chick. I protest. Well, not really. Truth is I'm not hating on those of you who watch, but....I'm over it. Kinda like American Idol. The first maybe 3 seasons I was hooked. I could care less now. Same shit different season. Oh...I should hashtag that...#sameshitdifferentseason #whoneedsroses #givemevodkainstead

#Hashtaghumpday @ Genuinely Lauren


  1. I JUST CAN'T QUIT THE BACHELOR. I say "oh I am so over it" AND THEN I STILL WATCH IT. I blame my roommate, she's a reality tv junkie.

  2. Amen to quitting the bachelor. Hell I never even started in the first place #noonehastimeforthatshit. Hope your ankle heals up soon! I'm the injury magnet over here so I know how that goes.

  3. I never even watched the Bachelor in the first place. I hope your ankle gets better soon. I am always accidentally hurting myself.. completely sober!!

  4. I gave up on that show a long time ago. It's a fairytale and I literally can't even because I am bitter lol, and the people have just gotten so annoying! Hope your ankle feels better!

  5. Sorry again about your ankle, that sucks!!!!

    And I never really watched the bachelor. I couldn't get in to it and I am soooo sick of everyone cluttering up Twitter about it. No one cares!!!!

  6. I suppose we all have "that show" that we can't help watching, but I'm with you...I gave up The Bachelor a long time ago. In fact, when they were talking about the finale, I had to go and look up names of previous bachelors because I couldn't remember the last time I watched one (it was the one with Jerry O'Connell's brother).

    Your hashtag "#itstimeforporchdrankin" cracked me up!