Wednesday, March 25, 2015

7 things "they" lied to me about...

// "Quest bars are delicious! " No, they look and smell like they should be, but the texture is disgusting and they have no flavor. Granted I have only tried the Cookies and Cream, but supposedly that is everyone's favorite. It literally took me 2 sittings to finish it. #dontlietome #imfragile

// "When you're an adult, you can do whatever you want!" We have bills to pay, jobs to tend to, children to take care of. OK, so maybe college, where I got to get drunk on my parents money, live with my favorite people, and decide whether or not I wanted to go to class....maybe that was awesome....but now....nope. I don't have enough money to do whatever I want! #helpmeimpoor #idontwannagrowup

// "Working out is so much fun!" You can have fun while you work out, but working out in general is not fun. Now, don't get me wrong, I like working out, but at no point in time do I say to myself, "Wow!! This is awesome!!". Unless of course I just benched like 275 and then I probably would say that...right before I pass out. #makingainz #nowherenearthat

// "Pssh, when you buy a house you'll get bank back in taxes!" Nope. As a matter of fact the amount we get back in taxes has SUCKED the past two years. I told Mike we need to have a kid. Then maybe we can see some "bank" back in taxes. #helpmeimstillpoor

// "Oysters are an aphrodisiac" I'm calling BULLSHIT!! I ate about 20 of those things the other night and my "down there" was no more in the mood than any other sober Sunday night. So...if this is true, you might want to tell me what to eat in combination with them because this shit did NOT work!! #letsgetiton #ideatalltheoysters

// "Marriage is hard!" Nope. Marriage isn't any harder than the first 4 years we lived together. It's just more expensive to break up. Living together is hard. When you have to share your space with another person, one who might not have the same habits you do, that's hard. It's not marriage that's hard. It's not breaking up with the person you live with that's hard. #myhusbandisawesome #especiallywhenhesatwork #nightshiftrocks

// "Working out gives me so much energy!" *side eye* I'm exhausted! Not to mention I sleep like shit because every time I need to move my body punches me in my face and reminds me leg day was yesterday. #excusemeineedanap #faceplant

Happy Humpday!!

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  1. I would love to find the person who says working out is fun or gives them energy and actually means it. you know what is fun? eating ice cream.

  2. oysters are slimy and gross.

    also, you definitely cannot do whatever you want as an adult. 15 year old me would be so unhappy to know that!

  3. I knew Quest bars were a scam - that's why I have boycotted even trying them. And I'm still really upset about this being an adult thing because it is definitely NOT like they said it would be. Can there please just be such a thing as a money tree? Planted in my backyard preferably? Plus I'm there with you on the workout thing, usually it does give me more energy, but this week it's knocking me on my ass. I wish we could make nap time at work a thing!

  4. Ugh, leg day!!!! I have to agree with you on all of these things, except Quest bars. I like Quest bars. My favorites are Cookie Dough and Raspberry White Chocolate. Cookies and Cream is just ok to me, some of them are super awesome and other times its not as good as I remember with that maybe try another? Just dont try lemon. OMG that one was so nasty! Kudos to you for even trying oysters, the thought of them terrifies me. No thanks!

  5. .... working out gives me energy - and I do love it. . . . STOP GIVING ME THE SIDE EYE. It's limited energy - and I love it until I wake up sore... But, I love what it does FOR me?

    Oysters aren't my favorite - -- I just can't seem to like them

  6. oh my god. the man in that first weight lifting gif, he's dead isn't he?!

  7. Omg those work out gifs... that guy flexed out into the weight rack lol

    I think relationships are just hard because you can't be a selfish asshole:)

  8. I ate some oysters and didn't get in the mood either.. I felt like it was a rip off. Give me a chocolate martini anyday, drunkenness definitely gets me in the mood... and it's cheaper.

    The only time working out is fun when you get medals for it.. and you have to train for that and it's completely bullshit.

    Also, internet high five for using the same gif!

  9. Quest bars are just okay in my opinion. Definitely nothing to rave about and not worth they money to spend on them. The one I liked best was white chocolate raspberry. The other flavors not so much.

    Definitely not doing whatever I want as an "adult" either! I wonder if that will ever happen ha!

  10. "Help me I'm poor!" I say this ALL the time and throw around the term "starving artist." I'm not starving. My wallet is though. Haha! And all of those aphrodisiacs are a crock! And marriage is only hard when I'm PMSing. :)

  11. Working out does give me energy - but at night I'm DOG tired. Like can't stay awake.

    Relationships are hard period.

    We own a house because it gives us tax shelter. If we didn't own we'd owe more than we do now. It's been so long since I got a tax return.

  12. everything on this list. Everything. Especially the living together part. And the working out is not actual fun. And owning a house has not benefited me in any way, shape or form for taxes or money.

  13. Oh my god that working out GIF is terrifying lol. And yes, living together is definitely difficult.

  14. I would agree that working out does give me more energy but quest bars are not great when left alone. Ill break mine up and put them in the oven for a couple minutes and that helps.