Monday, June 02, 2014

Weekend Recap

First off, sorry I've been missing a little. Everything with Boost has really affected us and we've been kind of trying to keep busy lately. Truth is, I'm starting this on Saturday morning and it's really wierd without him sitting here keeping me company. He was my always here by my side whenever I blogged and it feels so empty without him. We'll miss you doodoo.

Friday night was a typical night in the village. Party across the street. Truthfully it didn't last that long, which was ok with me because I have been super exhausted lately. I haven't been sleeping well so my neighbor gave me some of her Melatonin and it's definitely helping. Hopefully I'll be feeling better soon.

Saturday morning I woke up and messed around with my Influenster account. That's right, I signed up for Influenster!!! Jess over at The Girl Who Thought Too Much was talking about Influenster in her post last week and convinced me to join. Seems a lot like BzzAgent which I'm already a member of, so...why not try it. My social networks won't connect, however. Any clue what I can do to change that? It was connected to my Instagram but something came up to tell me to reconnect and when I did, now it won't connect. Tryin' a get them points so I can get some shit to try!!

Saturday night was very chill. the neighbors and I went to another neighbors and they had a bonfire and little home fireworks. Very laid back and perfect for a chilly spring evening. He makes hommade moonshine and he sent me home with a jar of my favorite kind. Peach cinnamon. YUM!!!

Sunday was a date day for Mike and I. We went to see X-Men and then went out to sushi. We stopped in to Ram's Head Tavern for a drink since we were a little early. The sushi place doesn't open until 5. But then we sat outside by the water and had some amazing sushi. I love that place and it's always BOGO so how can you beat that?? We got 4 rolls and a Kobe burger for $30.

Dateless in Dallas


  1. I love Influenster. I've gotten a few different boxes to review.

  2. Lord looks like you had an interesting weekend lol Do you like your computer?

  3. Yumm ysushi! $30 is a steal of a deal!!