Monday, June 30, 2014

Weekend Recap

Good food and good friends...who could ask for more?

Friday was super uneventful. One of my kids almost got in a fight at camp which made for a long afternoon. Truthfully I was exhausted and didn't feel like doing much of anything anyway.

Saturday I decided to go on a little shopping spree. There are about 4 Homegoods/ Marshalls/ TJ Maxx stores within an hour drive of my house so I hit them all up. Spent way too much money but came home with curtains for my entire house. Something I have wanted to do since we moved in.

Saturday night was an epic neighbors extravaganza. Long story short, there were a lot of dranks, a lot of friends, and a lot of fun!

Sunday Mike and I headed to Ikea for a date day. Everything I went there for was out of stock but we still managed to spend almost $300 somehow. I have a totally awesome idea for our landing, so I'm super excited to put that together. Don't worry, I'll post pictures on here. I hope I can remember to take before/after pics. haha. I'm bad at that.

On the way home we remembered there was a Duclaw Brewery in Bowie. If you have ever had Duclaw beer it's delicious, and the food is exactly the same. I got a cuban sandwich and it was AMAZEBALLS!! Sooo good. Mike and I also shared a flight of a bunch of beers we haven't tried from them yet. There was one called Morgazm that has grapefruit in it and, although I hate grapefruit with a passion, it was delish!!

That was it!! Full of shtuff but also enough time to relax. 


  1. you failed to mention whatever us wrapped in bacon that I need to know what it is!

  2. Ummm that sammie looks so good. I want a bite!