Monday, June 16, 2014

Weekend Recap

This weekend was boring....

Friday I did nothing. I went to the neighbors for a little and then came home and went to bed sober. Boooooo!!

Saturday I got up early and went to Mom's to help clean my stuff out of the attic. Mom's attic is literally bigger than the top floor of most people's houses. It's three "rooms" and they are all filled with things from the past almost 40 years. It was hot as balls and super emotional to go through, and throw out, all those memories, but I don't have room for it at my house and it needed to be purged. The up side is that I found a ton of shit I can have a yard sale with to make a little extra dough!!

Saturday night was my nieces dance recital. She dances for the same dance company I used to. That's right, people, I was a dancer. And not of the exotic origin!! I danced for 15 years and Saturday night was the first time I ever sat in the audience. Sooo weird. But super cool to see her up there killin it! She was the best out of all of them and it wasn't just because I'm partial. She listened to her teacher and did every move when she was supposed to. I think we have another future dancer on our hands, people!

Sunday I went through a bunch of the old pictures I found in the attic. It was hilarious! Throwback Thursday is going to be interesting from now on. No one I went to high school with is safe. haha. They're coming out of the woodwork people!! Stay tuned on Instagram for some fun!!

I also cut a few of these gorgeous lillies and put them in some vases around the house. I love fresh flowers and I never get them from the store. I love picking them from my own garden and filling our house with that delicious fresh scent!!

Dateless in Dallas


  1. what a nice weekend!!

    great photos,too :)

    cute blog!!

  2. Gorgeous lillies. I never bring mine in. I don't know why.

  3. Haha I must say I do love your snapchats! Glad you had a great weekend!

  4. THose lillies!!! So pretty!!! Sign me up for those dance costumes, adorable!!!!!

  5. Saying hi from the linkup! Gotta love good old photos! And I wish I had a green tumb like you, the flowers are gorgeous!

  6. Going through old photos is the best!! Especially for blackmail... justtttt kidding ;)

  7. Hello form the linkup! Totally know what you mean about sitting in the audience for the first time after years of being on the stage. I experienced the same last year after my 15 years of dance too! Such a weird yet rewarding feeling. Congrats to your niece!

  8. Going through childhood belongings is so hard! My family and I are separated by multiple states so every time I manage to visit there's always a big chunk of time dedicated to sorting through old family belongings. The memories are fun, but they make it hard to get rid of stuff.