Wednesday, June 18, 2014

It's summer!! Just kidding.....

So our last official day of school, even as teachers was yesterday. Unfortunately, I got suckered into presenting at our Tech Academy this year. I wasn't that worried about it until I found out it was a THREE HOUR LONG CLASS!!

OK, so most of you know....I can talk. But only about things I find interesting. And truthfully, teaching technology every. single. day. has made me a little blech about it. And, the people who take this class are not familiar with the technology I'm presenting, so there are so many questions, and I'm trying to explain it all and it's like....holy shit! Get me outta here!!

The good news is that after today my summer break officially starts. The bad news is that summer school starts on Friday and goes until August 1st, so....I don't really get a "summer break". haha. But...two weeks is better than nothing I guess.

So anywhoooooo....wish me luck on this next class. Hopefully the people aren't bored as hell during my presentation. haha. honor of my presentation today, I'll leave you with an iMovie presentation all about me!! If you want to learn how to do it yourself, come take my class!!


  1. Good luck to your presentation!! So jealous you're on break for the summer! Definitely a huge perk of being a teacher!

  2. Good luck! Yay for summer break!