Thursday, June 05, 2014

5 ways to sneak alcohol into the movie theater...

Mike and I are always looking for new ways to sneak alcohol into the movie theater. Most times we just hit up the bar before going, but then you start to wind down during the movie and that's never fun. So....we came up with a list of ways to sneak it in this weekend to be prepared for X-Men.

1. Vodka soaked gummy bears -  This is a great recipe from My Thirty Spot using Smirnoff which you know I would marry if it was legal. Forget Mike, Smirnoff if always there for me when I need him.

2. Wine pouches - I love these things!! They are so small and can fit right into your purse. Our movie theaters are not that crazy over big purses, thank God, because otherwise we would be totally bored during the movie.

3. Good ole' Flask - That's right....fits right into a cargo pocket or your purse. Just get a large soda, which usually has free refills and leave some room at the top for your liquor of choice!!

4. Minis!! - Minis work great, too because you can have a variety of liquors and don't really have to count out shots. Just dump a whole mini in and call it a drunken date night!! They even have them in wine, too!! Or, be adventurous and just buy a pint....

5. To-go Shots - Venus Trapped in Mars introduced me to these a while back during one of my Thirsty Thursday linkups. You can find them at any liquor store and throw them in your purse for the movies.


  1. Another option: go to New Orleans. They literally serve booze in the movie theaters. Crazy!

  2. Ugh I always bring a big purse and sneak a 6 pack in. Total red neck

  3. You.are.brilliant. This is why I love you so much! The mini wines are my fave to sneak in ;-)

  4. I love this!!! I've definitely done the minis before but never tried those wine puches! Yumm!