Thursday, June 12, 2014

ABC's of Me!!....I stole it...

Yeah, I stole it. I know...Yesterday Brandi posted it and she stole it from Allison, so...I figured I would continue the trend. lol.

- Age: 29

B - Birthday month: August

C - Color: Purple 

D - Drink: Drank, drunk.....Vodka

E - Eyes: Blue

F - Flashback: Backstreet Boys - I used to cry just watching them perform on tv.

G - Game: UNO

H - Hobby: Home decor...I know, but honestly, I love looking at ways to improve my home and make it gorgeous. Hay-low Pinterest!!

I - Indulgence: Vodka, and macaroni and cheese.

- Job: Teacher - I teach tech ed to grades K-5.

- Kiddos: I want 2, one boy and one girl. But none right now.

L - Love: Vodka

M - Music: I'm super eclectic. I can do grunge, classic rock, rap, hip hop, country, I can do it all.


O - Overstock: To-go cups. Although they are slowly dwindling down because I keep breaking them. Love me some Tervis but....I'm broke.

P - Pets: Rosco, my beautiful pit bull. But I miss my kitty boy terribly still. :(

Q - Quote: I'm not really a quote person. I used to be, but I have a horrible memory I guess..."I'll ride with you Toretto." Hahaha. OK, I know you don't get it. But that's what makes it awesome.

R - Residence: Millington, MD

S - Siblings: 2 - Scott, the oldest and Brian, the middle child

T - Temperature: 68º

U - University: West Virginia Wesleyan, yeah, no one else has ever heard of it, either. lol.

- Vehicle: Hyundai Veloster

W - Want: a higher paying job. Or at least a sugar daddy....a sugar daddy would be good.

X - X: x-cuse me? I don't really know this one. haha.

Y - Yuck: chipped beef. I think it looks and smells like cat throw up so...I can only imagine it tastes the same.

Z - Zodiac: Virgo

Now you do it!! I wanna know more about you!


  1. I love these type of post where you get to know the writer more :) Thanks for sharing and I love your ABC responses.

  2. I saw the backstreet boys last summer and still teared up

  3. Ahhh, I love your ABC's! I didn't know Dogfish Head made vodka? I thought they just brewed beer?! Awesome!

    Ummm, seriously Tervis, you're cute but not that cute. I think those cups are WAY overpriced!

    & I LOVEEE Uno (its always on our kitchen table, ready to be played! Even though Mike has to be drinking to play with me because he says I cheat)