Wednesday, February 05, 2014

A is for abnoxious....

OK so I saw this a few weeks back and I thought it was cute. You take the ABC's and then give a word for each letter that describes you. I'm starting this but can guarantee I'm either going to get bored or just take 8 years to finish it. But I hope you love it whenever it gets published. haha.

A - ADHD (I know obnoxious doesn't start with "A" sillies). Anxious (see FDS #5).

B - Brilliant! And maybe bossy. BIG SPOON!! 

C - Crazy...but not like in a medical kind of way. 

D - Dope. Yup...I said it...

E - Are there describing words for "E"? Oh!! Energetic!!! Energetic!! I feel like I'm in middle school.

F - Fiesty. Frugal. Fantabulous. Freakin' awesome! And I guess....Full of myself on this one.

G - Geeky. Goofy.

H - Honest. humble-er-ish...kinda, maybe.

I - Intelligament. Impulsive. Immature. Impatient.

J - Joyous?? What words start with "j"??

K - Kristin!!!!!!

L - Lazy. Lush. Lover...daaawww....

M - Mischievous.

N - Naughty...reow. Nervous....

O - Obnoxious!! With an "O". Outstanding!!

P - Paranoid. Perky. Procrastinator.

Q - Quirky. Quiet...Pssshyeah right!!

R - Radiant. Think Charlotte's Web. Ridiculous. Rambunctious. Ravens!!

S - "Stinky" short for "Stink Bug" Mike's nickname for me. It does not reflect my aroma...I don't think.

T - Talkative. Tight. Like in a monetary kind of way. Teacher!!

U - Unusual.

V - Vodka......... MMmmmmmmmmm vodka....

W - Whiny.

X - Xylophone. It's the only "X" word I know.

Y - YYyyyyy.... Yyyyyyyyyy... no clue. Are there adjectives that start with "Y"???

Z - Zany (is that how you spell it???)

Aww that was kind of fun. I read some to Mike and he you really love yourself don't you?? Loser... OOhh!! Maybe I'l do the ABC's of Mike one day. That would be awesome!!

Now you do it!!


  1. This was fun- now you can do a post for why you picked each word for each letter :)

  2. i love these. I love your C and G. :D bout like me. come follow me

  3. yummy, youthful, young, there are some y's.

  4. Love these! Naughty Reow!! Energetic woohoo!!

  5. omgsh this post is too funny. That is such an interesting picture of you and the umm....turtle lol

  6. hahaha, I love the BIG SPOON :D

  7. cuuuuute. I Love this post!
    I am dying!

  8. Wow, good job getting all the way through this. I really don't think that I would be able to because of that whole ADHD thing you mentioned...

  9. we would be best pals in real life, i have like a thousand photos of my riding various statues just like that turtle pic haha! also, I love your word for V hah!