Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thirsty Thursday! Mardi Gras Edition!


Welcome to Thirsty Thursday. The last Thursday of every month we come by and link up our party ideas!! Since Mardi Gras is coming up I figured this month we would have a Mardi Gras theme. There's no party like a Mardi Gras party!!!

First off, if you don't know about Kiki La'Rue you should. They have the cutest clothes and I might have to stop following them on Instagram and Facebook because I'm broke and can't buy all the things!! But....they posted this picture the other day and I thought, "That would be the perfect Mardi Gras outfit!!!" and had to share with you!

Love it!! And the colors are perfect for a Mardi Gras night out on the town!!

If you're going to party you have to decorate. And I found the easiest DIY project ever!! These cute little trees would be perfect for your table decor!! Just get some colored wire and twist them around a styrofoam cone, or just wrap them around your curling wand!! Or, you could go to etsy and buy them.

I also knew I couldn't do a Mardi Gras party without some crawfish!! I looked around Pinterest and found these awesome looking crawfish beignets that I want in my mouth right meow. I'm not even sure I like crawfish, but I would so totally eat these!

And the recipe looks hellah easy, too. You know me...if it's easy and tasty it's in my mouth. twss 

And of course, you can't have a Mardi Gras Party without some DRANKS!! The Hurricane is the official drink of New Orleans, but it's totally not pretty, so...I found some King Cake Jelly Shots!!!

Not sure exactly if I would take this, not enough alcohol for Mardi Gras, but they sure as hell sound yummy and look amazeballs!!

The website gives you three different ways to make the shots, so you can take your pick. One is way more involved than the others, but if you have time and you're up to it, they look fantabulous! I would totally add more liquor though, haha.

And....I found this gem that I also want in my mouth right now. Please tell me this does not look awesome...

It's called Muses Rum Punch and I can't wait to make it!! Oh...and drink that shit!! Hopefully, somewhere on a beach with the sun in my face. Mostly because it's so cold I can't feel my hands as I write this.

OK your turn!! Go link up and tell me about your Mardi Gras partay!!!

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  1. LOVE the crown in the drink, its perfect! Yeah i totally feel like this year, mardi gras needs to be hot toddys and spice wine and spiked hot coco....sooo lame! The crawfish look so good! You can prolly get fresh ones! YUM! I love them, i love all the foods of the sea! Favoritest link up eva!!!

  2. Yay! It's back! And those shots look beautiful!

  3. Those jello shots look so pretty but yes, more liquor. The Rum punch, I'll take two please!

  4. Umm Yummy drink!!! Lord i could get swasted with that one. BTW YOU NEED TO CHECK OUT THIS OTHER SHOP! no joke best clothing and best price.

  5. I SUCK. i did NOT link up last week, ooops. I have been a busy bee!!!! I want some beads ;) hehe and a yummy drink.