Monday, February 24, 2014

National Margarita Day!!

This weekend was a blast!! Unfortunately, Mike had to work and couldn't participate that much, but I tried to get along without him......................................................*wink, wink*

First off let me remind you that THIRSTY THURSDAY is this week!! Our theme is Mardi Gras since  March is the big Mardi Gras month and that is the ultimate party!! I'm super excited! I also have an awesome cohost this week!! Chelsee, who is fabulous and cohosted at least 2 times before will be joining me again!! REMEMBER: it doesn't have to be a drank, it can be party decorations, appetizers, desserts, whatever you fancy!!

OK so back to the weekend...

This was the first warm weekend we have had since God knows when and it was GORGEOUS! The temperature stayed at 60ยบ or above for the whole weekend and I was in love!! Don't mind the dust in my car...we all know how much of a hermit I have been lately. The weather was only a teasing whore, however, because now they are calling for more snow. Which sucks because we got our electric bill and it was over $300 again so we won't be turning our heat back on. lol.

Friday night I made some AHHMAZEBALLS copycat Chick-Fil-A nuggets before Mike went to work. Don't worry they are healthy!!! Don't mind the shells and cheese on the side. I have been craving some mac-and-cheese like nobody's business. Thanks to Sunny Anderson because she made some that looked awesome last weekend on The Kitchen. And have no fear, I will be posting the recipe tomorrow along with the copycat Chick-Fil-A sauce my husband made.

When Mike headed to work I ran to the store to get the stuff to make my homemade salsa for the Margarita Party on Saturday. While I was chopping everything up my neighbor called for some unexpected craziness. So when I was done I headed over there. My neighbor has 2 kids and her best friend was also there with her 2 kids. And then our other neighbor brought her little girl over, too. The kids got all dressed up and gave us menus and fake money where we chose which girl scout cookies we wanted. Then they put on a dance for us and everyone got a little wild. Including Miss Kristin. Eventually things started to die down and all the sudden we walked into the living room to find all of the kids, except the 2 year old, asleep. The 2 year old was going strong! haha.

A few of us decided to just across the street and continue the party so our neighbor could put her 2 year old to bed. After a few more dranks and then a few more beers after that we decided to break it up at about 2am. You never know what might happen when there is unexpected fun involved. Luckily The Notebook was on and so I sobered up while watching my favorite chick flick. 

Saturday was NATIONAL MARGARITA DAY!!!!! So naturally, we celebrated. One thing I absolutely love about this neighborhood are the friendships we have made with everyone around us. It turns out many of our neighbors are people I knew from a previous part of life. Our neighbor across the street was even best friends with my brother for the majority of their younger lives. There is always something to do and someone there for some fun and I can't wait until spring so the parties can begin. It couldn't have been a nicer day for a Margarita Party and it was a blast!

I decided to call it a night early, though. Everyone else went back to my neighbors house for a bonfire, but I was exhausted. Pretty sure the mixture of wine, liquor, and beer from the night before had something to do with it. haha. I guess that's a glimpse of what I'm in for this summer and I'm beyond excited for it!! I'll do my best to prepare a little better.

Sunday was meal prep and grocery shopping. Boost tried to help me plan but I guess I bored him because he found a nice pillow on my arm. He's cute though. 

So that's it. My eventful, fun-filled, WARM weekend!!


  1. Looks like you had a fantastic weekend! And I will definitely be coming back for that recipe tomorrow. I'm pretty excited about it. :D

  2. healthy chicken nuggets? count me in!

  3. Yummy! Chick-fil-a nuggets are my absolute favorite!! The honey mustard sauce looks pretty awesome too. I'd love to try that recipe!!

  4. I totally missed the memo on Margarita Day but sounds like you celebrated the right way! Your kitty is so precious!

  5. I'm so sad I couldn't celebrate National Margarita Day :(