Monday, February 17, 2014

V-Day Weekend Shenanies!!

My weekend officially started on Thursday last week!! Whoop Whoop!! And we had off today so I had a 5 day weekend!! Mike and I had planned on going to Ocean City for our Valentine's getaway. We usually do it every year, but weren't sure we were going to get to this year. But we had 2 snow days last week so I didn't even have to take a day off and we couldn't beat the deal!!

The Holiday Inn Oceanfront does an amazing deal. $106 for a jacuzzi suite and that includes a $50 voucher for their restaurant called Hemmingways. Can't beat that!! The food is always amazeballs and we take a nice soak in the tub with some dranks and just relax. Last year we found an awesome taphouse but it wasn't open when we were there. Luckily, this year they were open so we headed there first for some beer flights and appetizers.

We stopped on the way back to the hotel for some Dogfish Head Vodka. If you have heard of Dogfish Head you probably have only heard of their beers. Well, they make liquor, too!! I think it's only sold around the Rehobeth area, however, because we've never seen it anywhere else. It's soo delish, though!!

After we made a few dranks and soaked in the tub for a while we started to get ready for dinner. Hemmingway's is a really nice restaurant, plus it's V-Day so we dressed up a little. Mike had the filet and I got Chicken Chesapeake, both of which were so amazing. The filet just melted in your mouth and there was so much crab meat on my Chicken Chesapeake. YUM!!

We took dessert back up to the room and stayed in. Mike is so obsessed with the Olympics. haha. I don't ever remember him being this bad. And it's not just the manly sports. We're sitting here watching figure skating as I type. lol. So we sat around, drank, watched the Olympics and ate Fritos all night long. lol.

Needless to say i was a tad bit hungover the next morning but we walked to our favorite breakfast joint and got some sausage, egg, and cheese bagels. YUM!!! Then, we took a quick stroll on the Boardwalk and played some Big Buck Hunt. I beat Mike, naturally. At everything. Except Skee-ball. 

We eventually went on our way home and met Mike's uncle and his wife for lunch and a few beers in Rehobeth on the way. It was all I could do to keep my eyes open on that hour long drive after a belly full of good food and beer but...that sweet soft bed when we got home was well worth the wait!!

Except for the fact that a migraine kicked in and I couldn't shake it, nor could I fall asleep. haha. Figures. lol. 

Saturday was another success. We went to the gym and I worked it out. I'm still in a ton of pain. I actually didn't feel like I got in a great workout but....I pretty much can't walk today so...I guess it worked. Then, we met up with some friends for an unexpected epic night. haha. Those are the best. We were heading to a local bar and stopped by to pick up our friend Jason. His friend had called him and we met up with her for a drink at another bar, which lead us to a bar down the street from that. When they closed we got to our original destination and that might be where it starts getting a little broken. We ended up going back to Jason's house where he and Mike got in a wrestling match and his girlfriend and I talked about god knows what for the remainder of the night. I think Mike and I are still piecing everything together. lol. 

But it was fun!! 

Until yesterday.....


  1. Sweet deal at the Holiday Inn! Looks like the perfect way to spend Vday!

  2. I love reading your blog because you go place that I actually know! Can't wait for summer when Holiday Inn pool bar is open. And I'll def be on the lookout for that Dogfish vodka!

  3. So awesome you managed a 5 day weekend and spent it at a hotel. Jacuzzi is a nice touch. Love that last picture of you, and piecing the night together just means you had a blast!!

  4. This sounds like such a fun weekend!! You always look so gorgeous , I seriously need to find those leggings :-D

  5. Looks like a great weekend!! Hope your feeling better today.

  6. That looks like a great weekend!!!