Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thirsty Thursday: Valentine's Day Edition

It's Thurrrrsty Thursday!!

What better drank for Valentine's Day than something nastay nastay!! And it makes a whole punch bowl's worth of nastay!! So here it is!

The Pink Panty Dropper!!
Clearly this isn't my picture. But, I couldn't find a source so I hope no one sues me!!
18 cans of beer
1 bottle everclear (didn't specify with it?? twss)
1 bottle tequila (same as above)
1 gallon maybe pink lemonade (you know I'm not good with measurements)

Mix that shit!

I would put the beer last but the other recipes call for beer first. To me I would add it after everything else is mixed in so it stays carbonated. 

And....tequila makes her clothes fall off so....drop them panties!!!

OK ladies it's your turn!! Scroll on down, grab a button, and link up with me!! Remember it doesn't have to be a drank. It can be anything Valentine's Day Party related!! Decor, food, playlists.....anythang!!

I'm going to do a few more Valentine's Day themed posts so I didn't want to reveal too much this week. :)

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Don't forget, the next linkup is the last Thursday in February!!

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  1. omg that drink might kill me!

  2. Ooo this looks like a fun drink! I can't believe I missed TT :-( this work thing is for the birds!

  3. That sounds amazing. I don't think I can get Everclear here though. I remember in college we had to drive to Virgina or something to get it.

  4. i drank a whole lot of this back in my college days!