Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Not Always Rainbows and Butterflies...

In honor of this past Valentine's Day I thought I would take the time to bash my husband a little more. haha.

So we have been home together for the past 6 days. For those of you who may be new to the blog my husband is a night shifter. So on most days we spend about 2 hours together. Well...I've been off work since last Thursday, and....he had the weekend off. So we've literally spent the last 6 days together other than the 12 hours he went to work on Monday night. Waaaay too much time. lol.

I guess you just get used to being alone some times, and when he's always don't get to do the things you normally would. Like watch stupid reality shows and blog. And I can't say that he's messy, because I'm probably just as messy, considering we both like things clean.

And the fact that we spent 2 of those days on "vacation" in a hotel room being all lovey for V-Day...ugh. That just made it worse. Think about how special those days would have been if he left me alone to go to work the next day!! But no...we went home and continued this love affair....together....for 2 more days...

And the stupid punk thinks he can just walk in the living room, pick up the remote, and change House Hunters. Who is he?!? And when did he become so obsessed with the Olympics?!?! I mean I get the snowboard cross and bobsled...that's intense...but figure skating?? I'm sorry....Ice dancing?? This mofo knows more about that 'ish than me!! haha. "Why aren't you excited? Scott Hamilton is commentating!"..............*eyebrow raise*............."Excuse me?"

Not to mention I eat like a slob when I'm with him. He always thinks of these amazing things we could do. Like make steak sandwiches with mayo and horseradish, and eat chips, or Juicy Lucy's, and have pizza delivered, and hit up happy hour for some beers and loaded fries!! How can you turn that down?!?! We made brownies last night. Oh! And then bought ice cream and chocolate syrup because who can have brownie a la mode without that?!?! Seriously?!?!?!?!?!

But I love him. And he's my best friend....

...even though I could seriously kill him some time.


  1. hahaha Steven and I went through that last month. He got hurt at work and was home on work comp and I was working from home for a week during the ice storm. It was rough!!!!

  2. Haha!! Keeping it real! It is always nice when you get the alone time and they have to go ahead and ruin it by being around during me time! Haha!

  3. I totally know how you feel! I love having Kory around, but I love when he goes on the road. I don't have to cook meals, I don't have to clean for a few days, I can watch the shows that I want, etc. He hasn't had away games in a while and I'm ready for some!

  4. haha this is too funny. When you feel like your head is about to pop off you need to text me bc I am going through the same crap just not married life lol Those pics are too cute :)

  5. this is so funny, I usually want to kill jose too but some days i like him

  6. This is hilarious yet so true. My hubby works tow jobs so I only see him for a couple hours a day also but those times when he needs a break form work and hangs out all day! Seriously, messes up my schedule!!!

  7. bahahahhahah this is great!!!