Wednesday, February 04, 2015


It's #HumpDAAAAYYY!!

So today we have a half day. Remember half days when we were younger? You got to go home and chill and play all afternoon?? Yeah, not so much when you're the teacher. I guess teachers no longer get the actual half days. I know they used to because both my parents were teachers and they always got to come home with us. Now we have conferences, inservices, etc. #boring #humpdayhalfday #idontwannagrowup

Mike has officially been gone from me for 3 days now. I'm managing, although I got pissed when he sent me pictures of his beer flight and the awesome bar he went to for dinner last night. Stupid punk. As I sat at home and ate week old leftover chicken pot pie minis. Nights are awfully cold though since we turn off the heat to keep the cost down. #helpmeimpoor #singlereadytomingle #errmaybenot

One plus about Mike being away is that I have bribed all my friends and my mother to take care of me. :) Mom's taking me to dinner tonight and tomorrow night my neighbor and I are headed to sushi. And truth....I headed to Chipotle on Monday night for some take out. haha. So maybe I don't have a right to complain about Mike's turkey club and beer flight. But still.... #sushiismyfav #happydance

I've been super pretty productive so far this week, too!! I've done a load of laundry, started a DIY project, and picked up the house. Someone mentioned after this post yesterday how nice it is when you can pick up the house and (since Goober isn't here) it stays that way for a few days!! It's so true. Although, I do plan on leaving my shit out all over the bathroom counter. What's the point of putting it away?!?! Matter of fact, I have no intentions of making the bed either!!  #thatdoesnthappenanyway #letsbehonest #ineedamaid

The Thursty Thursday linkup is tomorrow and I started on my drink already. It had to "freeze" overnight. *hint hint* And I'm super super excited about it. I can't wait to try it. It uses an alcohol I don't drink a lot of but I think it's going to be delicious!! And...if you tune can totally use it for a great summer picnic drank!!! #ThurstyThursday #shamelessplug

It's my Momma's Birthday!!! If you see her... you know, if it happens to be that you follow my blog AND know my mom at the same time.....wish her a Happy Birthday!!! #partylikeit #imstillmakingherpaytonightthough 

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  1. I actually have a drink for the link up tomorrow! Girl dates for sushi are the best! I miss those days.

  2. Have fun out tonight... & enjoy those meals made by everyone else :)

  3. Oh my boyfriend just got a job where he is travelling and it's weird! I have total FOMO over his work trips. Oh well, I'll get used to it soon enough. I'll let you borrow my dog for your cold nights. That animal is her own furnace!

  4. Sometimes its fun to just be able to do your own thing, in your own time without worrying about what anyone else will think or say. :D Enjoy!

  5. You better show us (or just me) when you're done with your DIY!! If not then you can't sit with us ;)

  6. When my other half was out of state for a week it was SO weird. I mean, I got the bed to myself and could sprawl out which was neat but I was also a lot colder which sucked. The house did stay oddly clean though ha ha ;)

  7. I always take advantage of when James is gone too - spent a night with my mom and had dinner and frosted Valentine cookies and I have a girls date tonight. What can I say, I'm not good at being alone....

  8. A maid would be a serious help at my house. I'm just too lazy to do it all.. but too poor to hire a maid. :(